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Best Indication That the City's Gone to the Dogs 

Near-Perpetual Center-Lane Parking on Valencia (and Guerrero)

OK, we can forgive people for shamelessly parking in the middle of the street on Sunday mornings. After all, God doesn't wait for you to find a spot. But the center lane on Valencia? This is a turning lane, people, not a parking lot for SUVs and Jettas. Where is the sign that says, "Asshole parking only"? Considering this has been going on for years now, it's amazing that DPT hasn't found some means to rid Valencia's center lane of illegally parked cars. Um, ticketing might work, and towing cars away would at least get them the hell out of there. (Where are you when we need you, Nestor Makhno?) But really, if there's any sign that the character of San Francisco's citizenry has gone irredeemably south, it's this ridiculous 24-7 display of self-importance. Use a parking lot. Please.


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