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Best Hamachi Sashimi 

We Be Sushi

The taste of good hamachi (yellowtail) is hard to describe: It's clean, light, delicate, a bit oily, but a good oily -- in fact, a miraculous, melting, soul-soothing oiliness that, at its best, seems to avoid the digestive process altogether, traveling straight to the pleasure center of the brain. While there is good hamachi to be had all over San Francisco, the no-nonsense We Be has the best, as evidenced by the fact that our eyes seem to roll back a little farther into our head than they do at other places. Both of We Be's Valencia Street locations serve the same hamachi, but the pieces are a tad larger at 22nd Street, and, as any true hamachi lover can attest, those extra few micrograms make a difference.


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