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Best Giant 

J.T. Snow

Though it's tempting to pick Barry Bonds as our best Giant, and he is certainly deserving, we can't. We're suckers for drama, and with Barry there just isn't any. He's found his groove and he's working it to maximum effect. Fun to watch, but drama? Nah. We relish the nail-biting, gut-wrenching scenarios, where there is a real chance of disappointment and failure, and where, if victory is achieved, it is so much the sweeter. Thus, J.T. Snow is our pick for best Giant. The first baseman is at a crossroads as both a Giant and a baseball player. Last season was fairly awful for J.T. The team had to bring in Andres Gallaraga to shore up the position, and though J.T. took the move with grace, we know he also took the hint. This season is still new, and hope springs eternal. We know J.T. has the skills. We know he has the heart. And we know one more thing: We have the faith and the will to sit in our seats all season believing in a thing that is neither sure nor perfect. Good luck J.T.


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