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Best Gentrification-Proof Neighborhood 

The Portola

Being resistant to change doesn't always mean mounting a resistance. There are ways to enjoy the fruits of San Francisco's new bounty without selling off the shop. And indeed, there is a Four Barrel location and a homebrew supply store on San Bruno Avenue, but otherwise, life on the northeastern slope of McLaren Park is as it was before the city and other corners of it were "discovered": real. Known as "the secret neighborhood" by the press and advertised on Airbnb as a quiet place with "easy freeway access," Portola's family-owned restaurants, two-story boxy homes, and ample open space have remained more or less constant by escaping the noise and notice of other parts of San Francisco. This makes it a place to live — to go to work and school and come home and not have your time, wallet, and soul consumed by some app-fueled FOMO. It's understandable, and, for now, relatively affordable — two things currently in short supply.

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