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Best Dot-Com Party Thus Far 

Tixtogo on Treasure Island, Oct. 28, 1999,

Of course, dot-com launch parties, thrown for sites selling everything from natural foods to soft porn, get more and more lavish all the time. But none has yet topped's party celebrating the launch of its new name (Acteva) last fall. In and around an old Treasure Island hangar were trapeze instructors (after three free martinis we were a little too queasy to deal with the high bars), swine races announced by Mayor Willie himself, an obstacle course, and a funky jam band which was later rumored to have been Pearl Jam in drag (the rumors were never confirmed). The open bar was lapping up the orders while dot-commers and party-crashers alike milled about under the guise of "networking." Business cards were strewn, ties were sloppily thrown over shoulders, and cell phones were active as attendees raced to invite all their friends across the bay. All in all, a good many in Dot-Com Gulch and South Park stumbled in late for morning meetings the next day.


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