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The Sand Bar

You've gotta like a bar with a slogan. In the case of outer Taraval's Sand Bar, the place has actually earned two. There's the one printed on the façade: "At the edge of the Western World." Then there's the informal slogan we've heard on numerous occasions: "Where the debris meets the sea." Both are accurate. The Sand Bar is so far off the beaten track -- call the neighborhood the Outer Outer Outer Sunset, or perhaps the Almost Ocean -- only the most die-hard surfers, boozers, and Sunset locals show up. As for the crowd, well, let's just say that if you want to curse, get rowdy, or drink until the floor rises up to greet you, you'll probably fit right in. You'd do best not to park directly out front (a friend of ours once found two customers urinating on her car bumper at 2 a.m.). You'll find naked women on the video poker, Sunday night jam sessions, and, last we checked, a couch that may have been rescued from a street corner in 1993. In other words, you can just be your ugly, drunken self here -- the absolute prime requisite for a dive bar. The Sand Bar: Where the cocktails are stiff, the linoleum's fading, and you can always sleep one off at the beach.


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