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Best Cornmeal Muffins 

Powell's Place #1

Powell's serves perfectly respectable Southern food seven days a week, and the blues-brimming jukebox out front overflows with good music, but the focus, the locus, the pièce de résistance of this venerable rendezvous is its corn muffins. In this sourdough-lovin' city it's difficult to find a cornmeal muffin worthy of its heritage (i.e., the great American breadstuff), but Powell's is hot and moist and crumbly, not too sweet, faintly granular with cornmeal, rich with butter -- outside as well as in; they drench the thing in melted butter right before they slip it onto your plate -- without a doubt the best little muffin this side of K-Paul's in New Orleans, and a dreamy taste of down-home cooking at only 55 cents per.


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