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Best Community Organizer 

Ron Morgan

Organizing Coordinator, Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center

Charming Ron Morgan is the staff community organizer at that nexus of Bernal Hill society: the Neighborhood Center. Morgan and his boss, Mauricio Vela, are leading the charge to keep Home Depot from building a store on the old Goodman's site. They say Home Depot will attract pollution and noise-spewing cars (shudder!) to Bernal Heights. The pro-Depot supervisors better watch out: Morgan is a formidable organizer. He's one of the founders of Bastard Nation, the no-nonsense folks who stand up for the rights of adoptees. Before tackling Home Depot, he spearheaded Bastard Nation's national movement to legislate the opening of adoption records and "end centuries of guilt-ridden secrets and lies." Morgan is a real man of the people and as perseverant as the weather.

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