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New Mission News

Editor in Chief Victor Miller has been making a living publishing the New Mission News newspaper since 1980. Month in and month out, the tabloid is stacked in North Mission cafes, restaurants, and stores ranging from 16th to 24th Street. Miller, who likes to masquerade as a miserly curmudgeon, but is rumored to have a heart of obsidian, sells ads, writes, edits, and opens the pages of the paper to aspiring writers, poets, political rhetoricians, and artists. For many years, the newspaper has covered the ongoing gentrification of the Mission and items of cultural, political, and economic interest to all sectors of the extremely diverse community. The only really lame thing about it is the regularly boring column written by whomever happens to be mayor at the time. All things considered, it's a crying shame Hearst didn't "sell" the moribund Examiner to Miller, who says, "I could have used the 66 million bucks."


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