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Best Combination Music Festival and Excuse to Drink Bottles of Booze You Buried in the Ground Beforehand 

Outside Lands

At first we didn't believe the stories. Then we tagged along with a group of booze-buriers as they uncovered their stash. We won't go into details (and festival organizers, please stop reading here), but suffice it to say that the practice is real. Some days before the meadows of Golden Gate Park get fenced off for the Outside Lands festival, a few clever drunks head into the park with a stash of legit liquor and some trowels, or whatever. They bury, or otherwise conceal, a few bottles in a few different places. Then, when the festival is on, they simply retrace their steps, uncover the loot, pop the cap, and take the party to a new level. We don't necessarily recommend drinking straight booze through your Outside Lands weekend, and you'd be foolish to miss out on some of the rare beers and wines for sale. (Plus, what are you, cheap?) But of all the classic accompaniments to San Francisco's best for-pay music festival — weed, sunshine, lamb poutine — one of the most fun has to be a bottle of good bourbon you dug out of the ground.

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