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Best Collection of Offbeat Footage 

Oddball Film + Video

There's something awe-inspiring about the stacks of a great library. Tall, silent, rows of knowledge, history, and imaginary worlds, available to touch. Oddball is like that, except it's nestled in the Mission, the stacks are full of film, and every weekend you can watch some of it. Don't come expecting conventional movies, though: Oddball specializes in eclectic stock footage, especially of the odd and historically interesting. Its shows might juxtapose bizarre avant-garde cartoons with a 15-minute commercial for an early 1960s car, with a mental hygiene movie from the 1950s, and chase it down with a 1980s news report; somehow it works amazingly around a common theme. The brainchild of director Stephen Parr, Oddball provides its footage to companies and filmmakers across the globe. We're just lucky enough to be here for the shows.

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