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Best Club to Scope Out Exotic British DJs 

"Release" at Ten 15

Goodbye, guitarists -- the new special on the board is DJs. "Omigod -- are you in a band?" has been replaced with "OMG -- what do you spin?" Techno, trance, breakbeat, ambient, whatever: If you spin it, the girls (and boys) want it. And if you can work those decks, then you can -- uh, we'll stop there. The point is that DJs are hot, and when they have accents to boot, there's no competition. Enter British DJs and promoters-about-town Martel and Nabiel, who cast their lines out and reel them in, flying in planeloads of table-turners for their weekly all-night affair on Saturdays at Ten 15. Though the superclub can be a superdud at times (negatives: expensive drinks, too many bodies and odors, and five dance floors maxed out with cheesy suburban folks set for a "big night" in the city) it does also happen to have a world-class sound system and some darn good music. The talent from abroad spinning up on the main floor some nights is absolutely stellar. Take DJ duo Sasha and Digweed, for example, who treat the club as a second home. Or South Londoners Basement Jaxx, who ripped up the dance floor to many hoots and woo-hoo-hoos last fall, and other bigwigs like Paul Oakenfold, Andrea Parker, and Grant Plant. Sorry, San Franciscan DJs: You may be just as talented, your beats may be just as slick, but you're not quite as glamorous, and, well -- you seriously lack the accent.


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