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Best Car Rental Agency for Pedestrians and Cyclists 


The first thing you should know about Dan Pendergast is that he spent a couple hundred dollars earlier this year having a custom frame shop repaint his old bicycle. In other words, he cares about the same sorts of things this city's pedestrians and cyclists do. He comprehends, for instance, what a pain in the chamois shorts it can be when, on one of those few occasions when a bike won't take one where one wants to go, one finds oneself standing behind the counter at a chain-run car rental agency getting hosed by a 19-year-old sharpie into paying three times the advertised price for a matchbox of a car. Dan doesn't merely understand; he, his dad, Tom, and his brother Matt have done something about it. They run the lowest-hassle car rental agency in San Francisco. Where the big rental agencies try to shove expensive insurance, gas fill-ups, and unwanted upgrades down your throat, the Pendergasts give you exactly what you asked for, quickly, without trying to pad your bill. Where other agencies churn through barely-post-teen personnel, Pendergast's family business means you're always served by the same S.F. natives, and they're going to remember your name after a couple of visits. There's no need to be thrown off by the Rent-a-Wreck franchise name, either. Though the rates are cheap, the cars are clean, well-maintained, used Fords.


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