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Old cameras don't die; they go to Camera Heaven. Which is to say they are repaired, not replaced, because nothing hurts owner David Tran like good glass from a vintage Rolleicord discarded before its time. Anything with a lens is within his scope, whether your point-and-shoot needs a mere cleaning to regain its autofocus, or your ancient shutter needs new gears made from scratch. Need a low-light lens pronto, or aren't sure what flash you need to keep your photos from looking like crap? World-class pros and novices alike are treated with patience and respect, whether it's learning what a lens filter does or getting a friendly reminder that cameras dislike dunks in water. Any fool with money can get geared up; it's the repair and refurbishment savvy to stay geared up for a reasonable price quote — that doesn't increase with time — that's heavenly.

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