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Best Burrito 

El Farolito Taqueria

Note to people who don't quite understand ("foodie" online reviewers, this means you): Taquerias are informal eateries, meant to provide decent, fast meals — much like delis. They're not supposed to have "décor," they're supposed to have beer signs, and expecting anything else means you're missing the point. Anyone unclear on the concept is invited to stay away from the best place to get a slightly grilled tortilla filled with the traditional ingredients: carne, frijoles, arroz, salsa, and maybe queso and crema. At El Farolito, these tasty bits are joined by the generous addition of half an aguacate. Note to those who don't know even these simple Spanish terms: Welcome to California! Now go home, and enjoy your megachain restaurants with their fake ambience and sumptuous bathrooms. In short, if you don't like El Farolito's burritos, it represents a failing in you, not in the taqueria.

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