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Best Broadcast Alternative to Cocaine 

Energy 92.7 (Pure Dance)

It's about time we came out to the world about our hidden passion for perhaps the gayest thing in San Francisco — its gay dance radio station, 92.7. Basically, we listen to Energy 92.7 in our cars and our apartments and at the office and in the shower. We listen while eating edamame, throwing a Frisbee, flossing, running in place, and pretty much any other time you can think of. Although we like all the radio personalities on Energy 92.7 (especially Greg the gay sportscaster), we mostly listen because we like the music, which makes us want to stop whatever it is we are doing and rhythmically hump the closest man, woman, or fire hydrant. If those men, women, and fire hydrants can also hear the music, it's almost certain that they will welcome that rhythmic humping. Although 92.7 occasionally plays songs we hate by, say, Kelly Clarkson, it more often plays a song we love, and it plays them over and over and over again. Songs by, you know, Natasha Bedingfield. Lady Gaga. Madonna. If you think we're lame for loving 92.7, it's obviously because you don't hump enough fire hydrants.

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