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Best Bike Kickstarter / Invention 


A bevy of smart locks — Nokē, Bitlock, Skylock, Lock8, and if you can come up with another lock pun it probably exists — are trying to change the way you outsmart bike crooks. Well, after reviweing them all, we think Bitlock wins this one, because it has a built-in bikeshare system and the earliest ship date (late April 2015). All of these locks will include Bluetooth capability, GPS tracking, remote unlocking/locking, and alarms. These functions let you do some pretty neat things, like lock/unlock your bike from afar if somebody wants to borrow it. The problem is that they simply can’t offer more in the way of security than a good hardened steel u-lock. We don’t believe that an alarm is going to put off a battery-powered angle grinder-wielding bike thief. Having said that, we do think that these smart locks could change the way we think about locking up our bikes.

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