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Best Bartender in S.F. 

Joey Picchi

San Francisco has so many good bartenders that you can practically find them freecycled on the curb. But even in one of the cocktail capitals of the world, great bartenders are diamonds — precious beyond price. A great bartender is like a street poet, improvising beauty, making tastes to order, turning mixology into a biographical art. But San Francisco's best bartender, Joey Picchi? He's what happens when a street poet becomes a priest. The SRO room at OddJob was built around his talents: a bar where there is no menu and no drink is ever made twice. You come as a pilgrim and confess your heart's desire across the bar. Joey — who always remembers your name — will answer that prayer in drink form, creating a unique concoction on the spot that speaks to the yearnings of your soul. It's a miracle he performs nightly, and only SF's best bartender can get it right.

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