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Best 18-and-Over Club Night 

"The Crib"

715 Harrison (at Third Street), 339-8686,

For lack of a better word, there's something precious about 18-and-over club nights. The crowds are more wide-eyed and happy, and tend to dance with such abandon and glee that it's clear that the bitterness of getting older and the fatigue of the club scene have yet to set in. One of the best places in the city to witness such revelry is at "The Crib." Every Thursday night, this video club highlights the sights and sounds of popular artists -- from Jay-Z to Britney Spears -- to the delight of kids from all over the Bay Area. DJ Jim Hopkins seamlessly selects videos that keep the dance floor crowded, while cheeky MC Juan2 keeps everyone smiling. What's more, this youthful scene seems to have a pretty good bead on what's coming down the pipeline: During our last visit, many young men busted out the early-'90s "Vogue" moves, which with any luck foreshadows the eagerly anticipated demise of the tiresome Reagan-era '80s/punk aesthetic saturating so many clubs today.


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