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    1. Restaurant Japanese
    2. Restaurant Sushi
    San Francisco Japantown/Pacific Heights


    1825 Post San Francisco CA 94115
    Tiny, elegant Japanese restaurant serves excellent sushi and sashimi, but specializes in steamed dishes, including a sublime chawan mushi appetizer (steamed egg custard with dashi stock) and wappa meshi dinners - vegetables, seafood, or meat steamed with rice in a wood basket. For dessert, try the ogura shiratama - chewy More
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    2. Restaurant Ethiopian
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    San Francisco Japantown/Pacific Heights

    Rasselas Ethiopian Cuisine & Jazz Club

    1534 Fillmore San Francisco CA 94115
    In a small, sunken, tented dining room alongside a funky jazz boîte, you'll find the most authentic and flavor-packed Ethiopian food this side of south Oakland, probably the sole Ethiopian eatery this side of the bay to merit attention. Perfect kitfo (fiery and complex "beef tartare"), fine doro wat (a More
    1. Restaurant Thai
    2. Restaurant Restaurants
    San Francisco Japantown/Pacific Heights

    Neecha Thai Cuisine

    2100 Sutter San Francisco CA 94115
    This Fillmore nook's got rich and invigorating chicken-coconut milk soup, crunchy charred prawns with lemongrass, grilled salmon wrapped in banana leaves, and exemplary coconut ice cream. A few dishes are a little busy, but at these prices, who cares? More


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    Clay St. San Francisco CA 94115
    2819 California San Francisco CA 94115
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    1969 California San Francisco CA 94109
    2861 California St. San Francisco CA 94115
    2117 Fillmore San Francisco CA 94115
    1737 Post San Francisco CA 94115
    Raw fish is all well and good, but sometimes you just want to watch a guy in a toque juggle cutlery, dice a prawn, and filet a steak like a demented surgeon. The Japantown outpost of the gimmicky über-chain remains a fun and entertaining place to celebrate a birthday, a More
    2819 California San Francisco CA 94115
    Bistro SF Grill's name, the branding equivalent of beige walls, gives no hint of the quirky, baroque burgers found within. A popular farmers' market stand turned brick-and-mortar restaurant, the bistro (grill?) is housed in a narrow, boudoir-esque space with red walls and gauzy curtains. Ostrich, alligator, and venison burgers are More
    919 Divisadero San Francisco CA 94115
    On weekends you can join the lines outside and patiently wait for Jay Foster's inexpensive, generous, delicious Southern-accented breakfast dishes. During the week, it's easier to slip in and sit (at the big U-shaped counter or the eight or so wooden tables) and enjoy eggs, pork chops, and grits; wonderful More
    3515 California San Francisco CA 94118
    1601 Fillmore San Francisco CA 94115
    Couches and cocktails complement a blues and funk boogie, which makes shaking it on the checkerboard dance floor an old-fashioned must. Nightly, up-and-coming national acts play sweaty, steamy sets on the venue's small stage - always a rollicking time. More
    2195 Fillmore San Francisco CA 94115
    1375 Fillmore San Francisco CA 94115
    2015 Fillmore St. San Francisco CA 94115
    A blackboard menu. A shiny silver kitchen. An actual logo. Tiny Bun Mee in the Fillmore is San Francisco's first Vietnamese sandwich shop to hire an interior decorator, and it shows. Owner Denise Tran has come up with salads and banh mi that range from the classic (griled pork) to More
    700 Haight San Francisco CA 94115
    These just might be the best traditional hamburgers in San Francisco. Coarsely ground Niman-Schell beef is charcoal-grilled to order and slipped into a soft, fresh bun. The boxy french fries taste like honest-to-God fried potatoes, and the milkshakes (chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla, natch), made with Double Rainbow ice cream, are More
    1638 Post San Francisco CA 94115
    Bushi-Tei's striking look - backlit ceramics, ancient wooden planks, frosted-glass wall hangings - is an ideal setting for the kitchen's French-Japanese cuisine. Start with the beet carpaccio with paprika coulis, segue into the duck with mascarpone mustard and baby mizuna, and finish with the black sesame blancmange with pineapple salsa. More
    1963 Sutter San Francisco CA 94115
    CLOSED India, Japan, and Southeast Asia meet France, Italy, and the great American farm belt in a cozy Western Addition hideaway, to startlingly tasty effect. Chef Kirk Webber's dishes are fresh, inventive, and perfectly balanced between East and West. Each platter is an architectural work of art. Extensive wine list. More
    2515 Fillmore San Francisco CA 94115
    2101 Sutter San Francisco CA 94115
    CLOSED More
    1057 Steiner San Francisco CA 94115
    1716 Divisadero San Francisco CA 94115
    1911 Fillmore San Francisco CA 94115
    2500 Washington San Francisco CA 94115
    2261 Fillmore San Francisco CA 94115
    2266 California San Francisco CA 94115
    1601 Turk San Francisco CA 94115