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Gay Bars and Clubs in San Francisco

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    2369 Market St. San Francisco CA 94114
    440 Castro San Francisco CA 94114
    It's a leather/bear/rough-trade kind of place for the older and manly kind of gay - one of the last standing relics of the Castro's bygone days. Its Thursday weekly "CDXL," however, has the too-cool kids tearing the place apart to mash-up and disco beats. More
    133 Turk San Francisco CA 94102
    Boys, girls - what's the diff? Guys become gals as part of Aunt Charlie's lip-sync show every Friday and Saturday night. During the day, this place is a Tenderloin dive bar - albeit one more gay than the neighbors - while nighttime events attract both old drag queens and ghetto-fab More
    2344 Market San Francisco CA 94114
    2298 Market San Francisco CA 94114
    What was once the place to be seen in the 1970s Castro is now the most charming little cafe. With vaulted ceilings, lots of light, and a crowded patio, Cafe Flore packs them in day and night. And with its newly acquired entertainment and liquor licenses, it just keeps getting More
    2369 Market San Francisco CA 94114
    This long-running gay dance hotspot recently reopened after major renovations. Old event faves like Boy Bar, ¡Pan Dulce!, and Delicious are back as well. More
    4058 18th St. San Francisco CA 94114
    Castro San Francisco CA 94114
    1225 Folsom San Francisco CA 94103
    This address is now another gay nightlife destination, Kok Bar. More
    1723 Polk San Francisco CA 94109
    The phrase "cool fucking dive bar" gets thrown around a lot these days, but this place is a cool fucking dive bar - especially in comparison to the trendy Russian Hill lounges up the street - while the unselfconsciously unhip gay crowd begs you to pinch its adorable, if somewhat More
    2111 Franklin Oakland CA 94612
    Opened in October 2009, this is the new gay nightclub in the old home of Bench & Bar. More
    2120 Broadway Oakland CA 94612
    1081 Post San Francisco CA 94109
    If you're transgender — or just wanna hang out with some — this place is the epicenter of TV/TS activity along Polk Gulch. DJs and dance performances add distraction from the parade of gender-fucking regulars at, around, and sometimes on top of the bar. More
    4149 18th St. San Francisco CA 94114
    Living life on the Edge, in this case, means paying a visit to this dark dive in the Castro. The tiny corner bar is close to the Castro Theatre, so it's great for a pre- or post-movie drink. Happy hour starts at noon and runs till 7 p.m., but the More
    3158 Mission San Francisco CA 94110
    With moderately priced (and heavily poured) drinks, a sprawling patio, and an intimate stage in a side room, this Mission District destination is a keystone of indie-hipster nightlife. DJs spin everything from country to funk, bands play everything from samba to punk, and the $1 Monday nights are the stuff More
    401 Sixth St. San Francisco CA 94103
    A nightclub that (fortunately) stays up well past its bedtime, the Endup has a hard-earned reputation as an after-hours mecca that still holds up. Though somewhat dated in style, this venerable club's backyard grotto remains an urban oasis, with fountains and ferns and reverberating dance beats distracting from the fact More
    Folsom St. San Francisco CA 94103
    841 Larkin San Francisco CA 94109
    A wooden mockup of the Titanic's prow juts out of the front of this Tenderloin dive bar, where a faded rainbow flag lets you know gays are welcome (while the Bud Light neon in the window lets you know it ain't a fancypants kinda place). More
    500 Castro San Francisco CA 94114
    Friendly Castro District cafe, bar, and restaurant named after a certain Mr. Milk. More
    2247 Market St. San Francisco CA 94114
    In any other city, a gay sports bar might seem like a contradiction in terms – but here in the heart of the Castro District, Hi Tops fits right alongside the gyms and fitness shops that cater to the buff local boys. A kitchen serving fancified versions of classic sports More
    1369 Folsom San Francisco CA 94103
    This wildly friendly, eclectically decorated gay bar boasts DJs who spin just about everything, from classic rock to today's pop. Located right down the street from some of the city's trendiest fancypants danceclubs, the Hole in the Wall is practically the anti-SoMa destination - and all the better because of More
    3988 18th St. San Francisco CA 94114
    If you can't stay out late enough to hear the actual last call at the Last Call, then consider dropping into this unpretentious Castro neighborhood gay bar during daylight hours — they proudly offer happy hour everyday between noon and 7 p.m. More
    3464 19th St. San Francisco CA 94110
    Cozy lesbian bar tucked into a Mission sidestreet. It's a bar, with lesbians - what more do you need to know? More
    1354 Harrison San Francisco CA 94103
    The Lone Star Saloon is a small gay South of Market hangout that claims status as the "world's first bear bar," open since 1989. Look for the large, friendly bear cutout -- waving to you from the Harrison Street sidewalk -- and you're there. More
    3600 16th St. San Francisco CA 94114
    The elevated location, long windows, and outdoor balcony give this Castro bar its name, where queers nosh on pizza and dance to DJed music while keeping an eye open for people to meet. More