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  • Best New Club


    There's a shortage of good techno clubs in this town. If you don't agree, then you probably don't know what good, authentic techno is: thick, gut-rumbling beats that range from icy and industrial to warm and funky. This is music distinct from the cheese-ball house and trance emanating from various bridge-and-tunnel operations, and if there's anyone here who understands that, it's Will Linn. Linn is the founder of Blasthaus, a local collective that organizes everything from DJ events to art... More >>

  • Best Art Gallery

    Galeria de la Raza

    Nestled amid several blocks of taquerias, international phone bodegas, and hipster coffee joints, Galería de la Raza is perhaps the best gauge of the Mission Districts's vibrant cultural legacy. This interdisciplinary space, in which the art is more about inciting action than drawing attention to its value as cheeky commodity, features works by political and artistic lightning rods in the Chicano/Latino community. For more 30 years, the gallery — conceived by Chicano civil rights movement activists — has filled the... More >>

  • Best Indie Movie Theater

    Castro Theatre

    Once all the hysteria had died down after the Castro's firing of its longtime director of programming, Anita Monga, and replacing her with the owner's wife, Karen Nasser, we realized that the theater remains impressive. And we're grateful for that. Gone are the fears that this beautiful, historic spot would start showing Ice Age: The Meltdown five times a day. The family-owned movie house still screens some of the finest and most unusual films in the city. From a hefty... More >>

  • Best Corporate Movie Theater

    Embarcadero Center Cinema

    It has five screens and is part of Landmark Theatres (which is owned by the Samuel Goldwyn Co.), but the Embarcadero Center Cinema is anything but a sterile multiplex. First, there's the location: the top level of an outdoor mall, an open-air skyway far removed from the downtown bustle of the street. If you go on a weekend, you'll be practically alone, and being alone at a mall is one of the pleasures of the modern age, when a whole... More >>

  • Best Local Writer

    Michelle Tea

    People unfamiliar with her work call her prolific, the greater national literati call her transgressive, and her fellow San Franciscans call her iconic. Whatever you label her, Michelle Tea — post-Beat mystic, penning the sacred doctrine of tatted and pierced queer girls everywhere — fires out her poetry and prose with a manic energy that blurs the boundaries between fiction and memoir, author and reader. A ubiquitous trend-setter who edits anthologies, endorses debut writers, and acted as frontwoman of the... More >>

  • Best Theater of the Absurd

    Dark Room Theater

    Nobody going to the Dark Room is going to the theatah, meaning no one is pulling out nice snacks and preordering wine for intermission (and God help you if you must use the bathroom during a show). But co-owners Jim Fourniadis and Ty Mckenzie aren't out to lure the highbrow Union Square crowd: They just want their kids. The duo ushers in weird shows by the truckload, such as Impossible Productions' improbable episodes of Batman and The Twilight Zone, along... More >>

  • Best Live Venue

    12 Galaxies

    In the last couple of years this well-renovated Mission District destination has become the best spot in the city to see a band. It's certainly big enough — 6,000 square feet — to handle national touring acts, but still feels cozy enough for a sparsely attended local show. The upgrade in the sound system, the higher stage, and the expansive mezzanine (which offers a great view, even when the place is packed) make the room much more crowd-friendly than other... More >>

  • Best Cartoonist

    Porous Walker

    Porous Walker's single-panel cartoons (or art pieces, if you like) are outrageously un-PC and gut-bustingly funny. They're simple — crude, even — with one or two blobby figures describing or reacting to a caption. Walker's humor vacillates between the juvenile ("I Can't Wait Until I Am Old Enough to Go to the Mall in Nothing But Eyeglasses, Boxing Gloves, & Figure Skates"), the lascivious ("Boobie Camera"), and the just plain surreal ("Jesus Is Back, and He Brought an Ax"). Not... More >>

  • Best New Web Site

    Hey, you know what would be great? If someone combined the dating/ogling/networking possibilities of Friendster with the venue reviews of Citysearch. Wait, somebody has: Hello, Last year twentysomethings Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons took cash and connections earned working at PayPal and poured them into this new S.F. venture. offers reviews of bars, restaurants, doctors, dog walkers, clothing stores, nightclubs, and more, all composed by regular folks (if by "regular" you mean young, hip, and on the go... More >>

  • Best New Bookstore

    Cody's Books

    Few people would consider renting downtown real estate for an operation as precarious as selling books, and even fewer would do it two short walking blocks (assuming a diagonal traverse through Union Square) from a towering Borders. But Cody's isn't new at this; Fred Cody opened his first shop on Berkeley's Telegraph Avenue in 1965, turning it into one of the West Coast's best bookstores. In 1998, a second Cody's opened on that city's Fourth Street, and last year the... More >>

  • Best Drag Bar

    Aunt Charlie's Lounge

    Drag shows can still feel punk as fuck in the right setting. A dive bar barely the size of a long bathroom line is an ideal space in which to crowd a bevy of bejeweled biddies as they strut the catwalk for your crumpled dollar bills. There's something wonderfully surreal about the aura at Aunt Charlie's, whether it's the eclectic parade of Hot Boxx Girls of all ages (and talent levels), the potent charm of the cheap drinks, or the... More >>

  • Best New Folkie

    The Blank Tapes

    On the cover of the Blank Tapes' latest LP, 2005's Landfair, is a drawing of a white river winding through snow-capped mountains, a benevolent sun shining down. It's a bucolic scene, one that feels appropriate for the rustic, lazy-day folk you'll find on the record within. You'd never guess that these 23 tunes were recorded in an Orange County garage, between parties and surf breaks, by future San Francisco resident Matt Adams. Or that prior to 2001, Adams wasn't even... More >>

  • Best New Talk Radio Station (AM)

    The Quake

    In the late '80s the Quake was the name of a cutting-edge FM station that broke local and national treasures in the burgeoning alternative rock scene. That station dissolved right around the time of the Loma Prieta earthquake, leaving the airwaves unrumbled for years. Now the name is back, representing our new affiliate station for Air America, the national "progressive talk radio" giant. The Quake's program schedule is largely comprised of nationally syndicated shows from people like comedians Janeane Garofalo... More >>

  • Best New Talk Radio Station (FM)

    Free FM

    One of the most frequently changed frequencies on the FM dial is now home to Free FM, a talk radio station with a rock 'n' roll heart. For those lamenting the loss of Howard Stern, who recently left FM for satellite radio, and mourning Adam Carolla's departure from the popular Lovelines show (on Live 105), Free FM has plenty of talk for the Maxim-reading, jock-itching man of the house. That's courtesy of hosts like Carolla as well as John London... More >>

  • Best Literary Event


    It all started in 2002, when a group of intrepid readers and writers decided to throw a literary version of the myriad music and arts festivals around town, offering readings and panel discussions with an eye toward mayhem. Since then Litquake has grown exponentially. Though the event spans a week, its nightly gigs feature something rare for literary happenings — author lineups that sometimes reach the double digits (due to the staggering number of participants). It all comes to a... More >>

  • Best Indie Rock Label

    Absolutely Kosher

    "Independent music as a frame of mind, not as a ghetto." That's the motto of Cory Brown's Absolutely Kosher, which has been releasing records by some of the brightest local and national bands since 1998. While AK has consistently provided quality jams these last eight years, things have really been cooking lately. Top-shelf releases by Bay Area acts Jim Yoshii Pile-Up, Okay, and Ex-Boyfriends, and by out-of-towners Goblin Cock, the Hidden Cameras, and Frog Eyes (to name a few), have... More >>

  • Best Trashy Art

    Recology San Francisco

    Some artists travel to Flax to get materials; others never get farther than their neighbors' trash cans. For the latter type, the golden gig is this program. Not only does the lucky artist get carte blanche to rummage through the city dump, a monthly stipend, and a 2,000-square-foot studio to work in, he also gets a solo show with pretty much guaranteed press coverage (nobody can pass up the garbage angle). Since 1990, more than 50 artists have filtered through... More >>

  • Best Place to Go Unplugged

    Swedish American Hall

    When Café Du Nord owner and all-around local music impresario Guy Carson started putting on shows at the street-level Swedish American Hall, certain concert-goers' first response was a firm "So what?" For starters, the place doesn't have a liquor license, plus it's seated, plus you get the feeling that it doubles as a bingo hall. But a performance in 2004 by Portland's M. Ward changed all that. The vaulted ceilings and stained-wood décor served as the perfect setting, both in... More >>

  • Best Place to Watch Stuff Burn

    The Crucible

    The "molten bronze pour" — a great phrase, huh? It carries an ancient air, evoking protective-garb-wearing strongmen sweating in a smoky, devilish atmosphere, gingerly turning hard metals into melted pools like 17th-century alchemists (or 20th-century steel workers). That guy can be you at the Crucible, where industrial arts classes have tantalizing names such as "Brown to Bronze: Direct Burn-Out Casting" and "Foundry Fundamentals: Hands-on Furnace Building." The center is the premiere spot to learn the various explosive trades, but the... More >>

  • Best Karaoke

    Bow Bow Cocktail Lounge

    Leave the Mint to the posers, frat boys, and bridge-and-tunnel crowd and head instead to this scarlet and black retro-Chinatown cubbyhole, where owner-barkeep Candy Wong presides over a fun-loving lineup of crooners, belters, and wannabe divas. Every night around 9, a colorful cast of characters — wizened locals, adventuresome hipsters, and throwbacks drawn by the plumes of cigarette smoke and the sound of rattling dice — make music or mincemeat out of "We Are Family," "What's New Pussycat," "Mack the... More >>

  • Best Polaroid Artist

    Darwin Bell

    Whenever we see someone pull out a Polaroid at a party or a club and start taking pictures, our cynicism kicks in and we get annoyed. What's with the Warholian shtick? But for the past year, Polaroid artist Darwin Bell has quietly taken shots of words he's found on store and street signs as he walks around the city, then crafted them into sentences and phrases, creating something distinctive. Simple enough, yes, but his eye for mixing these ordinary words... More >>

  • Best Up-and-Coming Indie-Rock Band

    Scissors for Lefty

    Bay Area musicians have pretty much given up trying to be the local version of the Strokes, probably because now everyone wants to be the local version of Joy Division/Gang of Four (i.e., dancey, goth-y rockers). Which, it turns out, is a hell of a lot easier to pull off. Hell, even the Strokes did it for only one album. But here's where Scissors for Lefty comes in. Like the Strokes, this San Francisco band — two sets of brothers... More >>

  • Best New Reading Series

    Rickshaw Stop

    San Francisco has a surprising number of good reading series for those who know where to look, but there's always room for more, and local author James Warner has brought us a great new one. The monthly InsideStoryTime is housed at the Rickshaw Stop, a bar and restaurant best known as a haven for top DJs and local indie rock talent. With plush couches facing the stage in a relaxed, lounge-y atmosphere, InsideStoryTime feels less like a literary reading than... More >>

  • Best Outdoor Cinema

    Dolores Park

    As a kid growing up in the Midwest, Sean Boyle would go to summer movie screenings with his sisters, with films projected onto the outside of the local middle school wall. Last year, he and some friends decided to create their own free walk-in movie theater in Dolores Park. They learned how to set up a large movie screen by reading Home Theater for Dummies, and put one up (with speakers) on the south side of the park. Dolores Park... More >>

  • Best Solo Performer

    Ron Campbell

    If the quality of a performance can be judged by the extent to which an actor transforms himself onstage, then Ron Campbell personifies greatness. Equally capable of holding down 38 different characters in one evening, single-handedly bringing to life an entire Dickens novel, or sustaining the ramblings of one of the 20th century's most visionary eccentrics over the course of an hour and a half without once pausing for breath, Campbell is the theatrical equivalent of a luxury chocolate assortment.... More >>

  • Best Semiprivate Club


    Coyishly concealed on Maiden Lane with no sign, no listed phone, and no obnoxious club beats blaring from the doors, this semiprivate club initially comes off as a tad too high-end for us regular club-goers. But once you step inside this cozy but exquisitely adorned little spot, the friendliness of the wait staff wins you over, as does the tan-and-gold peacock-inspired décor. The booze isn't nearly as pricey as you'd expect, and nightly specials help you get your drink on.... More >>

  • Best Monthly Periodical

    Street Sheet

    Written mostly by people who are or were homeless, this monthly tabloid mixes news stories, personal essays, and poetry about life on the street with cutting analyses of the city's efforts to "help" the indigent. TV and daily paper reporters have torn their rotator cuffs patting Gavin Newsom on the back for his Care Not Cash program, which dramatically reduces monthly payouts to the homeless in exchange for permanent housing and greater access to social services. That's the theory, anyway.... More >>

  • Best Art Web Site

    The home page of Alan Bamberger's, an art services site, is peppered with phrases like "dispute mediation" and "consulting on buying, selling, donating." In other words, it's boring. But turn your attention to the left column, click the undistinguished link called San Francisco Art Openings, and revel in the full glory that is Bamberger's nightlife. A couple times a month, he heads to gallery openings — nearly all of them, or nearly all that deserve attention — with his... More >>

  • Best Bar for Watching Bears and Bands

    S.F. Eagle

    Where else but at the Eagle can you catch homoerotic biker flicks with one glance and gaze upon the newest spastic punk act with the next? Since it started hosting "Thursday Nite Live" shows years back, the leather bar (and home to an occasional mud wrestling contest) continues to be one of the comfiest rock clubs in town. Standing there, beer in hand, you can hear anything from hippie freak folk to tough-guy butt rock to flaming power pop. And... More >>

  • Best Jukebox

    Buddha Lounge

    A great jukebox is eclectic, offering enough variety to complement every conceivable mood. The Buddha's jukebox is very eclectic. One recent afternoon the ambient sound meandered from Prince's "When Doves Cry" to Patsy Cline's "Crazy" to Mary J. Blige's "One" to Dean Martin's "On an Evening in Roma," with no end in sight. With careful planning, the amateur DJ can bookend a set of Sam Cooke with a little Led Zeppelin and a jigger of the Pixies, Outkast chaser. Or... More >>

  • Best Art TV Show


    Local programming is often the bane of viewer-supported television. But in this town the genre has been taken over by geniuses, namely producers Marie K. Lee and her team. The idea behind Spark is simple: Profile local artists with short interviews, studio visits, and lots of pictures. But the choice of subjects, the seamless production, and the loose (but not distractingly wacky) editing set this show apart. Our favorite segments include "Paint x 3," featuring Robert Bechtle, Hung Liu, and... More >>

  • Best Painter (Tie)

    America Meredith and Mitsy Avila Ovalles

    There's no shortage of good painters in San Francisco, but two stand out this year: America Meredith and Mitsy Avila Ovalles. Meredith's unusually upbeat take on interactions between Native Americans and those descended from Europeans combines with her interest in 1960s TV cartoon characters (especially the Pink Panther) in pieces made of egg tempera and acrylic. Her "Medicinal Formulae" series uses traditional Cherokee recipes; in Adolvhisodiyi (To Remake Oneself), a human appears delighted, surprised, and a little frightened by a... More >>

  • Best Year-Round Mardi Gras

    Monte Carlo Restaurant & Bar

    Mardi Gras is more than just a date on the calendar or the last blowout before 40 days of Lent; it's a state of mind, and that jazzy, rambunctious Big Easy spirit is what drives and defines the Monte Carlo, a lively nightspot in the Bayview. Beads, carnival masks, and purple, green, and gold décor are the dominant motif. The kitchen serves up crab-andouille gumbo, fried-shrimp po' boys, and the silkiest, smokiest red beans and rice this side of Opelousas.... More >>

  • Best Carioca Experience

    Canto Do Brasil

    Rio de Janeiro is one of those great bird of paradise cities that gets into your bloodstream upon contact and, like Venice and New Orleans, won't let you go. Even honorary Cariocas (Rio natives) aren't immune to the sultry vibrations, the captivating music, the coming together of jungle, mountain, and curving white seashore. Satisfying a Rio craving 7,000 miles from the source is problematic, but Canto do Brasil, a stylish Brazilian restaurant in Hayes Valley, brings a little bit of... More >>

  • Best Sea Shanty Band

    Salty Walt and the Rattlin' Ratlines

    Ever since 826 Valencia Street became the place to go to buy stuffed parrots, peg-legs, and eye patches, the pirate arts have been experiencing a renaissance in the Bay Area. This barnacled purveyor of olde seafaring songs brings a shipshape dose of "yo ho ho" to shiver even the most landlubberly of audiences' timbers. Lovers of ballads about scurvy, rigging, and the Barbary Coast can weigh anchor at the Edinburgh Pub on the last Sunday evening of each month to... More >>

  • Best Producer

    Exit Theatre

    There's no stopping Christina Augello. This formidable local theater impresario has been largely responsible for rescuing San Francisco theater-goers from the clutches of pointless touring Broadway shows and stolid repertory fare. As the artistic director of Exit Theatre since its inception 23 years ago, Augello (a quirky performer in her own right) has consistently thrown open her doors on the cusp of the Tenderloin to some of the edgiest companies around. The beauty of her programming is its unmitigated eclecticism.... More >>

  • Best Lesbian Dance Night

    Rickshaw Stop

    Back in 2000, DJs DNR and China G were bored with a lesbian club scene that seemed to play only hip hop, house, and Latin tunes. Determined to imbue the dyke-dance world with some much-needed oomph, the ladies started "Rebel Girl," a bimonthly event at which they could spin female-fronted rock, punk, '80s pop, and old-school hip hop acts. In November of that year, the duo moved "Rebel Girl" to 26 Mix and also started "Bad Reputation," a night that... More >>

  • Best Listening Room

    The Rite Spot Cafe

    As soon as you enter the Rite Spot Café, it's apparent that this quaint Mission District hang is a cut above the other small dives in the area. It's the perfect combination of neighborhood bar and charming hideaway, with friendly-but-don't-fuck-with-me bartenders, white tablecloths, and an affordable, delectable menu of mostly Italian comfort food. But even with those charms, the strong suit of the place is the live entertainment; the setting frequently draws in some of the area's best musicians for... More >>

  • Best Interpreter of Theatrical Chestnuts

    The Cutting Ball Theatre Company

    In a city whose artistic reputation is grounded more in underground experimental work than major-league revivals of well-known standards, it's refreshing to come across a theater company that can stage chestnuts like Shakespeare's As You Like It, Genet's The Maids, and Sartre's No Exit and keep you on the edge of your seat for three hours. Working under the fitting tagline "Risk Is This," the Cutting Ball's artistic director, Rob Melrose, has a talent for mining classics for hidden themes... More >>

  • Best literary drinking

    Make-Out Room

    Ah, the reading series, that venerable Bay Area institution. Just stick some writers in front of a mike and watch the fireworks detonate, right? Wrong, so wrong. Many a literary event has fallen by the wayside from a lack of good TNT. But Other magazine editor Charlie Anders' "Writers With Drinks" continues on, five years strong. What's her secret? Variety! As she writes on her Web site, "Variety is more than just the name of Prince's favorite girl-singer sidekick." You're... More >>

  • Best Morning Radio Show

    Keepin' It Real With Will & Willie

    We thought Air America simply had to be joking when its San Francisco–based affiliate the Quake announced the creation of a brand-new morning radio show starring political satirist Will Durst and former S.F. Mayor Willie Brown as an intrepid team of on-air DJs. Because, really, only the most incisive local focus group could ever dream up something so magically delicious. But as guests get grilled and issues roasted, it's sometimes hard to delineate who is the professional comedian and who... More >>

  • Best Rap-Rock Amalgamator


    For close to a decade the Anticon label's coterie of artists has behaved like hyperactive 2-year-olds with boxes of Crayons, maniacally crossing the lines separating rock from hip hop. Some of the results have been fascinating, others have been confounding, but most have been distinctly experimental, pushing the boundaries of genre and sound. Last year, the Oakland foursome Why? released the imprint's most accessible disc yet, Elephant Eyelash. A collection of surreal lyrics ("You get stoned, like death in the... More >>

  • Best Ensemble Actor

    Danny Wolohan

    With his affable moon face, sensible haircut, and honest, Midwestern-style demeanor, Danny Wolohan doesn't come across as your typical actor; he looks more like an HR executive or sports fan. Yet whether he's doing contemporary ballet in a performance art piece, singing the part of an ex-cop in a musical, or playing the ghost of a famous bank robber in a political drama, Wolohan defines the versatile performer. As a member of the Campo Santo theater company, he's proven himself... More >>

  • Best Inspiring Comeback


    While riding between gigs in Iowa in February 2005, the local electro-rock group Subtle hit a patch of black ice and flipped its tour van. Six of the passengers sustained only light bruises, but keyboardist Dax Pierson suffered a broken vertebra at the base of his neck and became paralyzed. After being airlifted to a Nebraska hospital, the beloved local musician began a long, slow healing process. Thanks to his benevolent employers at Amoeba Music and a vast collection of... More >>

  • Best Rappers

    San Quinn and Messy Marv

    The Bay Area hip hop scene is on fire — and the world is tuning into our multifaceted sound in a way that it hasn't since Tupac's death. Case in point: Vallejo rapper E-40 sold more than 90,000 copies of his LP My Ghetto Report Card in its first week, debuting at No. 3 on the pop charts. Let's hope this wave of attention brings some deserved light to San Francisco rap veterans San Quinn and Messy Marv, who have... More >>

  • Best House Music Diva

    Latrice Barnett

    Most house music vocalists don't write the songs they sing, and sometimes they're just there to provide texture at the expense of lyrics. But San Francisco's Latrice Barnett is different; not only does she write, but she's also a multi-instrumentalist known for more than her lovely pipes, which have graced local club anthems by producers like Jay-J and Kaskade. Barnett plays cello, flute, and saxophone, but the bass is her baby. For five years she fronted the local soul outfit... More >>

  • Best Religious Radio Show


    Now in its 21st year, Godtalk is a refreshing alternative to other religious radio programs — mainly because it's more of a political show for diverse listeners than an evangelical sermon for an already converted flock. Rather than pushing a particular religious agenda, host Bernie Ward uses the interfaith world as a springboard to discuss current events, whether the spiritual implications of the war in Iraq or the internal conflicts Irish-American carnivores faced last St. Patrick's Day when their annual... More >>

  • Best Comic Playwright

    Sean Owens

    If you baked Noel Coward, George Bernard Shaw, and Hans Christian Andersen into a pie, you'd get a dish that tastes a bit like the way Sean Owens writes. The analogy might be weird, but it is appropriate, because synesthesia — that mix of sensations — is a calling card for San Francisco's master of the absurdly funny play. After experiencing productions of Tincture, Owens' six-woman exploration of color and causality, or Odd by Nature, an evening of bite-sized dramas... More >>

  • Best Girl Band

    Von Iva

    Believe the hype: Von Iva is the new purveyor of soul, and it's got the groove-drunk fans to prove it. Singer Jillian Iva, drummer Kelly Harris, keyboardist Becky Kupersmith, and bassist Elizabeth Davis-Simpson hit all the right notes with their sublime, high-energy blend of danceable bass lines and keyboard riffs. This white-hot quartet dispenses with the grating coyness of bands like the Donnas, fusing gospel funk with a gutter punk sensibility, fucking with all sorts of genre labels along the... More >>

  • Best Community Art Center


    A sprawling 10,000 square feet of pristine warehouse, CELLspace is the kind of place that makes you marvel at art's democratic possibilities. The "CELL" part stands for the unduly techy-sounding Collectively Explorative Learning Labs, but the space is an arts and education mecca that reaches people through a variety of mediums: arts and crafts, drawing, painting, theater, performance, dance, and some seriously creative activism. Low rental fees, novel seminars, and dirt-cheap events that cater to the city's many tastes and... More >>

  • Best Way to Get Some Culture

    City Arts & Lectures

    This town's surfeit of arts and culture events can be a bit dizzying. Choosing between Javanese shadow puppetry, DIY art-making conventions, and the zillions of film festivals that wend their way through the city can be a daunting prospect. After blazing a few entertainment trails, it can be refreshing to sit back and absorb some culture of the good, old-fashioned brainy variety. City Arts & Lectures has been presenting scintillating ideas for more than 25 years in an appealing, educational... More >>

  • Best Circus Performers


    Nouveau circus is full of the conventional balletic beauty we've come to expect from the art form. But mix it up with a dash of goth sexiness, surrealist debris, and an anarchic display of dance and pyrotechnics and you have Xeno, a new genre performance troupe whose over-the-top shows have cultivated a following. Naturally, the performers are some of Burning Man's most vaunted darlings — beautiful bohemians who spread their enchantment through music, movement, and a hybrid theater of acrobatics... More >>

  • Best Dance Company

    Dance Mission Theater

    Choreographer Krissy Keefer is a rabble-rouser, and her company, Dance Brigade, has been at the helm of issue-oriented performance for the past two decades. The group's motley assortment of multidisciplinary works includes pieces that meld art and politics into an effortless goulash of sexy movement — covering topics ranging from violence against women to the psychological implications of war. Keefer's provocative raison d'�tre is archetypes that apply to modern women. Dance Brigade shows are unabashed in their sexuality and opinions,... More >>

  • Best Mixed-Use Musician

    Glenn Donaldson

    In this digital age of hyper-specialization when most artists possess nothing more than a single trick up their sleeves, Glenn Donaldson is a true anomaly — a chameleonlike musician from the Mission District crafting folk rock, improvisational noise, punk, indie pop, and industrial, all while maintaining two small yet productive imprints, Jewelled Antler and Pink Skulls. For all you crustie-punks, the name of one of Donaldson's outfits, Teenage Panzerkorps, should be graffiti'd across your smelly, old leather jackets, because it... More >>

  • Best Burlesque

    Big Burlesque, the Original Fat-Bottom Revue

    The burlesque revival is huge in San Francisco, and no one epitomizes that pasty-swinging, popping-out-of-birthday-cakes exuberance more deliciously than Big Burlesque, whose ladies ensure that it ain't over till the fat lady strips. With its bevy of bosomy beauties — from whip-toting divas to tattooed mermaids to gals who shimmy around in pigtails crooning numbers like "Grandma Sold My Panties on eBay" — Big Burlesque dispenses with the cliché of the demure coquette, preferring to flaunt its raunchy, subversive style.... More >>

  • Best Spoken Word Series

    Porch Light

    Some say that storytelling is a dying art. And it is true that most spoken word events are litanies of personal narratives and performative swoops ad nauseam. But the Porch Light Series brings universal truth back, proving that anyone with a good tale to tell can take the mike. Make no mistake: Organizers Beth Lisick and Arline Klatte are selective enough that angry political rants and off-color stand-up comedy have no place on their stage. "Performance" is off limits, too,... More >>

  • Best Goth Tradition

    The Edwardian Ball

    Put on your cravats and corsets for a night out at the ball — the Edwardian Ball, that is. The folks who put this event on every year aren't goths of the Cure-listening, eyeliner-wearing ilk, however; they're literary cool cats who understand that fixing up and looking dapper are essential to setting the right mood. The Edwardian Ball was conceived in homage to that quintessential moodster Edward Gorey, whose funereal, cross-hatched drawings accompany tales that ooze with brooding tots, juvenile... More >>

  • Best Busker

    Country Hippie, Haight Street

    One evening on Haight Street, just outside the door to Kan Zaman stood this young, rail thin, hippie-fried busker with innocent eyes and shaggy brown hair, pickin' the shit out of his acoustic guitar and belting out some jumpy, archaic country-folk chestnut from the Anthology of American Folk Music. With a thick nasal drawl and a hillbilly accent, he sounded as if he were some grizzled old Appalachian, but he was, as he told us, "just down from Humboldt." Now,... More >>

  • Best Unknown Metal Act

    Stone Vengeance

    True metalheads may be surprised that we're talking up Stone Vengeance instead of one of those hip new post-black metal freaks like the mysterious Leviathan. Granted, Leviathan's underground drone is cool and all, but Stone Vengeance, three maverick black dudes from Bayview-Hunters Point, have been kicking ass under the radar for 27 years. So it's about time that the trio's raw, leather-clad speed metal attack (which fucks eardrums in the fine tradition of Venom, Raven, Celtic Frost, Manowar, and Iron... More >>

  • Best Lunchtime Music Series

    St. Patrick's Church

    Few things offer such immediate relief from the daily grind as taking a long lunch to soak up some culture at St. Patrick's Catholic Church, which continues the noontime concert series of classical music originally held at Old Saint Mary's Church. The series, taking place every Wednesday, brings in some of the most exciting recital programs and chamber music in the city for a meager suggested donation of $5. Recent highlights have included clarinetist Bruce Foster, doing a tranquil program... More >>

  • Best Drunken Garage-Rock Band

    The Mothballs

    You've got to work pretty hard to win in this category, and if there's anything the Mothballs do it's work hard at getting drunk. Or should we say that three of these musicians do. That's right, this foursome scores highest on the alcoholometer with only three-quarters of its members tanking up! The funny thing is that it's impossible to tell during a Mothballs show which performer is the sober one, since all of them act like Animal of the Muppets'... More >>

  • Best Live Music Nights


    Last year was a great one for local alternative music. Bands like Scissors for Lefty, the Cuts, and the Ex-Boyfriends (to name just a few) earned national attention for their varying takes on the '80s-fueled alt-rock sound that's swept the country. Before these acts played Conan, however, they played here. Having just celebrated its first anniversary, the "California Homegrown Music Series" is the place to catch Bay Area bands on their way up, and it has found a great home... More >>

  • Best Live Music Nights

    "Jazz Mafia Tuesdays" at 12 Galaxies

    Since February, 12 Galaxies has played host to this weekly gathering of seasoned, eclectic, local jazz musicians. The group — from four to 20 members strong, depending on the night and which "Jazz Mafia" incarnation is playing — isn't interested in that Starbucks-approved brand of auditory wallpaper, working instead with a fusion of styles, including hip hop and funk. A typical night features 2 1/2 hours of music, usually extended compositions by founder Adam Theis. Both rigorous and free-form, the... More >>

  • Best Live Music Nights

    Thee Parkside

    "If it's twang it's our thang." So goes the motto of "Twang Sundays," which pretty much sums up this Sunday afternoon series of local music. Country, western, Americana, y'all-ternative, and rockabilly, as played by bands like the Pine Box Boys, the Robber Barons, and many more, comprise the fare. And Thee Parkside's patio offers benches and Ping-Pong for those who take their Buck Owens with a spoonful of midday sun. Ease into your Sunday for the low, low price of... More >>

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    Best Band/Musician The Coup Best Music Trend Hyphy Best Radio Station KUSF-FM Best Movie Theater Castro Best Film Festival S.F. International Film Festival Best Magazine 7x7 Best Web Site Best Museum SFMOMA Best Art Gallery Creativity Explored/111 Minna Best Label Quannum Best Jukebox 540 Club Best Club Shine Best New Club Shine Best Burlesque Little Minsky's Best TV Show No winner Best Theater ACT Best Comedy Club Cobb's Best Actor Robin Williams Best Street Fair Folsom Best Place to... More >>

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