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Culture, The Exhibitionist Closing the Garage: Another Independent Arts Space Closes Its Doors

Closing the Garage: Another Independent Arts Space Closes Its Doors

Art in America has always been a pioneer’s venture — often made in back lots and dark corners, artists continue to produce the constituents of culture with a minimum of cash or acknowledgement for their labors. And one of…
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Calendar, Night&Day Solo Soul

Solo Soul

Snakes coil, vines spiral, the earth revolves, the planets orbit, and on our spinning planet whirl all the cells, adding and subtracting to the massive torque of the universe. Dance ethnologist, archaeologist, artist, and teacher rolled into one, Farima…
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Calendar, Night&Day Joy and Memory

Joy and Memory

Happiness is volatile: Its nature elusive, its pursuit interminable. To acquire it is to assume the affliction of its loss, yet its possibility fuels the sacrifices we make for love. Seattle-based mathematician and choreographer Maureen Whiting explores love and…
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Calendar, Night&Day Bleak Outlook

Bleak Outlook

The early 21st century view of a dystopian future looks much like the present — not the cool metallic, aerodynamic space pods envisioned by our 20th century counterparts, but a suffocating morass of plastics. Millions of years of decay,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Take Back the Storm

Take Back the Storm

Shakespeare's The Tempest is a story of revenge and manipulation, with the sorcerer Prospero scheming to reclaim the throne from his brother by marrying his daughter Miranda to Prince Ferdinand, the son of the King of Naples. Central to…
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Calendar, Night&Day Bollywood Unplugged

Bollywood Unplugged

As seen with Bollywood greats Shah Rukh Khan, Shankar Mahadevan, and Shaan, on your television screen during the 2010 season of America's Got Talent, at Obama's 2013 Inaugural Ball, yearly at San Francisco's Ethnic Dance Festival, and at sundry…
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Culture, Stage The Undergroundlings: <i>Bitch and Tell </i> Heralds a Comeback for Highbrow Comic Variety Shows

The Undergroundlings: Bitch and Tell Heralds a Comeback for Highbrow Comic Variety Shows

A variety show could hardly be truer to the genre than Bitch and Tell, a Footloose production now in its fourth iteration at the Garage. The event features a stand-up comic (Paco Romane), circus performers (Genie Cartier and Audrey Spinazola,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Shake It Out

Shake It Out

Illness gets bused in from Nevada. It rises up between the cracks of the sidewalk. It sleeps in the park and by the fountain at the U.N. Plaza. It's in the stench in the seams of the escalator. It…
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Calendar, Night&Day I Don't Wanna be A Duck

I Don't Wanna be A Duck

The chicken has seldom been recognized as a noble creature, neither inspiring great tragic ballets like the swan, nor arousing sublime terror like the panther, nor generating epic American novels like the whale. Instead it is an Everyman of…
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Calendar, Night&Day Teasers


If all the mince pies and mulled wine have you hankering for a fresh and zesty chaser, head to the tiny black box stage at the Garage, where three fierce female choreographers, each awarded grants from the Fleishhacker Foundation…
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Calendar, Night&Day Experimental Intimacy

Experimental Intimacy

Expect a blend of shrewd concepts and innovative, improvised movement in the metrics of intimacy, a collaboration between choreographers Christian Burns and Hope Mohr. If this sounds like some stuffy, high-art performance piece, think again. Burns' work is intelligent,…
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Calendar, Night&Day hot and bothered robots

hot and bothered robots

San Francisco's favorite quirky robot dolls tick back to life when Anna and the Annadroids present Tantric Tantrums at the Garage. The theme is desire: how it sometimes juices up the circuits and sometimes shorts out the system. In…
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Calendar, Night&Day around the world in four ballets

around the world in four ballets

Ballet serves as a foundational technique for much of western dance, consisting of an aesthetic that favors the body as an abstract: the architecture of the physique distilled into the clarity of a few well placed lines, relationships that…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Feminine Mystique

The Feminine Mystique

After a five-year hiatus, Goldie award-winning choreographer Alma Esperanza Cunningham marks the revival of her postmodern dance company with Change ... and other meditations, presented as part of the Resident Artists Workshop. Combining movements that are athletic and balletic…
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Calendar, Night&Day Are Annadroids Better Than Electric Sheep?

Are Annadroids Better Than Electric Sheep?

Plastic, fantastic, sarcastic robot dolls on the loose: Anna and the Annadroids presents Dullface, the newest quarter of their tetralogy Man(u)fractured. Anna Sullivan’s works are surrealist meditations on replication, mechanization, and objectification danced by a regiment of kabuki-faced cyber-marionettes. It’s…
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Culture, Stage "The Witch House": Possessed by History

"The Witch House": Possessed by History

When I sat down to interview playwright Morgan Bassichis about the premiere of his play The Witch House at The Garage, he had a question for me, too: "How did you find out about us?" The Garage, as its name…
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Calendar, Night&Day Have a Crystal Ball

Have a Crystal Ball

There’s probably no such thing as an ordinary psychic. But for those who tire of mere palm reading and crystal ball gazing, Kevin Seaman and his creation Dr. Zebrovski, a dance psychic, are coming to the rescue tonight in Dr.…
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Calendar, Night&Day Smut With a Smile

Smut With a Smile

Kirk Read is the only person on the planet who can tell a story about being fisted by a trucker inside a big-rig parked off a North Carolina interstate and make it come across as sentimental and touching. (We heard…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Adaptability Shuffle

The Adaptability Shuffle

In 2010, choreographer Jenni Bregman heard Oliver Sacks interviewed on NPR. After a lifetime of studying neurological conditions -- synesthesia, autism, phantom-limb syndrome, Tourette’s, Parkinson’s, et al. -- Sacks had turned his keen and compassionate observations on himself. He had…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist <i>Father Panic!</i> Resurrects Childhood Horrors With Humor

Father Panic! Resurrects Childhood Horrors With Humor

Father Panic!, Dan Carbone's new solo show now at the Garage, makes a compelling case for giving theater artists the freedom (and the resources) to experiment. The show, a multimedia exploration of Carbone's childhood, was developed as part of the…
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