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Culture, The Exhibitionist Stan Lee's Love Story is a Marvel

Stan Lee's Love Story is a Marvel

Hundreds of comic fans lined up in the pouring rain to meet artist, photographer and author JC Lee at Amazing Fantasy Comic Book Store on Saturday. Marvel legend Stan Lee's only child and "greatest creation" was there on Free…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier

If you've ever solved a Rubik's Cube, met Stan Lee, or been in the Guinness Book of World Records, you might be a perfect candidate for Dating for Nerds. Those are just a few of the "geek feats" that…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist The Spider-Man Films Rated by Whininess

The Spider-Man Films Rated by Whininess

According to Spider-Man movies, the greatest triumph that Spider-Man ever achieves is finding it within himself to arachnid up every day. Has any other hero ever moped so much about being gifted with superstrength, -agility, and -love interests? This…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist The Spider Becomes a Man -- and a Joy -- in <em>The Amazing Spider-Man</em>

The Spider Becomes a Man -- and a Joy -- in The Amazing Spider-Man

This is a print review that will run in the July 4 Issue. The Amazing Spider-Man, an inexcusably good reboot-thing from director Marc Webb, celebrates the heartwarming arachno-genetic bar mitzvah in which a boy becomes a spider, and a…
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News, The Snitch Stan Lee, Comics Legend, Sued in San Francisco

Stan Lee, Comics Legend, Sued in San Francisco

In the Marvel Universe of Stan Lee, disputes are settled by aerial battles above the city, hurling large objects at one another, and, of course, mutant vs. mutant combat. Then again, in Lee's imaginary realm massive doses of gamma radiation…
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Film, Mighty Avenger

Mighty Avenger

Chalk it up to personal preference, but I've always been fonder of those comic-book heroes who emerge by intent rather than happenstance. I mean the ones, like Batman's Bruce Wayne, whose transformation from average Joe into masked crusader is an…
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Home Entertainment, What Else Is New?

Our top DVD picks for the week of January 9:

America's Funniest Home Videos: Salute to Romance (Shout Factory) Behind the Mask (Good Times) Broken Bridges (Paramount) Color of the Cross (Fox) Conversations With Other Women (Hart Sharp) Crank (Lions Gate) Everybody Says I'm Fine (BFS) Good Morning World (S'More)…
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Film, Run, Do Not Crawl

Run, Do Not Crawl

All you need to know about Spider-Man 2 is revealed in the opening credits, in which comic-book artist Alex Ross recaps the 2002 original in lovingly, lavishly painted panels. Spidey and Mary Jane Watson are once again entangled in that…
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Culture, Stuff Still Smilin'?

Still Smilin'?

Stan Lee, for better or worse the most recognizable face in the history of the comic book, insists he has no love for rehashing his past. He claims to take no great joy from talking about long-ago yesterdays spent in…
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Culture, Stuff Totally <i>Bizarro</i>

Totally Bizarro

Originally, this was to be a story about how Stan Lee, the industry icon who ran Marvel Comics for decades and co-created Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, wound up remaking archrival DC Comics' most venerable heroes in his own image.…
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Culture, Stuff Revenge of The Fanboy

Revenge of The Fanboy

There exists deep within any man who once read comic books and collected them--protected them, actually, with plastic sleeves and cardboard backs and boxes that fought off the yellowing of time--the mythical being known as The Fanboy. A long time…
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