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Music, Hear This Baths: Show Preview

Baths: Show Preview

After paving a DIY path through the U.K. underground for half a decade, and after at least one U.S. tour was capsized due to visa troubles — the band hails from Scotland, with roots in Liberia and Nigeria — soul-hop…
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Culture, Stage Ends of the Earth: Nigerian E- Mail Scams Get Their Dramatic Due

Ends of the Earth: Nigerian E- Mail Scams Get Their Dramatic Due

If you have an email address, then Scamoramaland, a world premiere by Performers Under Stress, will be deeply personal to you. You, too, have received the bizarre missives — the presumption of intimacy, the shoddily detailed dire straits, the creative…
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Culture, Art Everywoman: Carrie Mae Weems Is Traveling Through Time to Save the Human Race

Everywoman: Carrie Mae Weems Is Traveling Through Time to Save the Human Race

Her back to the camera, the woman wears a regal black dress as she stares at a landscape of old, whitewashed homes. The photograph's painterly quality and its stark contrasts — black and white, new and aged, isolation and crowdedness…
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Calendar, Night&Day The clothes make the country

The clothes make the country

Nigeria has produced some of the most enduring music, literature, and artwork of the past 50 years. Think Fela Kuti and his Afrobeat music. Think Chinua Achebe and his bevy of books, including the iconic Things Fall Apart. And think…
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Dining, SFoodie Eat West African Moi-Moi at La Cocina's Street Food Festival This Weekend

Eat West African Moi-Moi at La Cocina's Street Food Festival This Weekend

Chiefo's Kitchen will debut moi-moi at San Francisco Street Food Festival on Sat. Aug., 18. Chiefo Chukwudebe, who grew up in Nigeria and got started in the local restaurant scene through La Cocina two years ago, says that you can…
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Calendar, Night&Day Organizing a Community

Organizing a Community

In the mid-1980s, Barack Obama left a promising and well-paid New York business career to work as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago. That decision was furthered, in some measure, by a brief phone conversation with the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Queer the Room

Queer the Room

LGBT performance art thrives on multiple levels in San Francisco. Trannyshack leads the recurring clubs that are escorting drag into the 21st century. Kirk Read and Larry-bob Roberts head monthly open mic Smack Dab. Local choreographers Laura Arrington and Jesse…
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News, The Snitch Pearlasia Gamboa Named 'Notable Fraudster' by Nigerian Magazine

Pearlasia Gamboa Named 'Notable Fraudster' by Nigerian Magazine

Given the now-cliched form of e-mail fraud known as "The Nigerian Prince" -- someone claiming to be African royalty sends you a message out of the blue offering to entrust you with a fortune in exchange for some personal information,…
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Music, Hear This Omara "Bombino" Moctar: Show Preview

Omara "Bombino" Moctar: Show Preview

Following in the footsteps of pioneering Saharan band Tinariwen and the late Malian six-string virtuoso Ali Farka Touré, Nigerian guitarist Omara "Bombino" Moctar has risen in a few short years from living in exile to being one of the leading…
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News, The Snitch Steve Ugbah, East Bay Professor, Arrested in Nigeria

Steve Ugbah, East Bay Professor, Arrested in Nigeria

Steve Ugbah, a marketing professor at Cal State East Bay, was frustrated by the lack of progress in his birthplace of Benue, Nigeria -- which is why he decided to return home and run for governor.But that experience didn't go…
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Music, BeatBox DJ Sabo: Show Preview

DJ Sabo: Show Preview

It's an electronic music cliché that DJs can bring the world together with their globally conscious mixes. And while this grand notion might be dubious, it's still dope to hear a Colombian cumbia percussion mixed with Jamaican dub bass, Nigerian…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Afrobeat Goes On

The Afrobeat Goes On

The summer of Africa continues. World Cup soccer games in South Africa brought fever to the pitch as Ghana nearly topped Uruguay in the quarterfinals, and worldwide, people blew vuvuzelas to the soccer gods. Meanwhile, the New York debut of…
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Music, BeatBox Loose Joints

Loose Joints

For more than two years, the DJ trio of Tom Thump, Damon Bell, and DJ Centipede has offered up Loose Joints, the most ass-shakingest weekly survey of African-rooted pop in the city. Step into the Make-Out Room, order a couple…
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Calendar, Night&Day California Academy of Sciences Turns One

California Academy of Sciences Turns One

The new California Academy of Sciences opened its doors one year ago this weekend, and one thing has been missing: the big cats. This weekend, we get the big cats. Specifically, a mountain lion, a lynx, and a caracal (?).…
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Music, Aphrodesia spreads Afrobeat cross-country

Aphrodesia spreads Afrobeat cross-country

The 11 Afrobeat enthusiasts who comprise Aphrodesia always have good anecdotes to share. There was the tour they took through the United States in a bus powered by vegetable oil. Or the time they sang to Ghanaian audiences in their…
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Music, King Sunny Adé's legnthy reign

King Sunny Adé's legnthy reign

King Sunny Adé is the world's first Afro-rock star and the father of what your local record store calls "world music." With such a long history — he has clocked 40 years in the business — it'd be easy to…
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Music, Reviewed Black Stars:

Black Stars:

The image of African music, as seen through American eyes, goes through phases. Right now, we're experiencing a retro moment: It would be easy to look at the recent deluge of compilation CDs (the three Nigeria Special volumes, Nigeria 70,…
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Music, Music Is (Still) the Weapon

Music Is (Still) the Weapon

It's not easy being the son of a musical icon. Ask Jakob Dylan, Damian Marley, Shooter Jennings — or Femi Kuti. The heir to his late father Fela Anikulapo Kuti's Afrobeat throne has a new greatest-hits two-CD set (Femi Kuti:…
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News, Feature Out of Africa

Out of Africa

From a window table overlooking the tree-lined stretch of boutiques, bookstores, and cafes near the Stanford University campus, two professors dine on spring rolls and tom yum soup as they ruminate on life and death half a world away. Drs.…
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Music, Proof Positive

Proof Positive

Before he traveled to the United States in 1969, Nigerian superstar Fela Anikulapo-Kuti composed largely within the confines of "highlife," a dance band format with ties to Africa's colonial past. But after being exposed to America's black power movement and…
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