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Calendar, Night&Day Against Eight

Against Eight

An organization called NerdWallet recently issued a report on the nation's most LGBT-friendly cities, in which San Francisco shockingly did not land the top spot. But never fear, we're still in the top ten, thanks to long-standing institutions like…
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Calendar, Night&Day Garden Stroll

Garden Stroll

The Yerba Buena Gardens are painfully charming. The little oasis in the middle of downtown is home to museums, theaters, restaurants and cafes — there's a reason that everyone working within a 10-block radius eats lunch alongside the fountains.…
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Calendar, Night&Day Eagle Experiment

Eagle Experiment

In 1896 Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi opened and closed on the same night amid thunderous derision: Experimental theater was born. Today, Cutting Ball's production of Ubu Roi is so popular, the run was extended, forcing the avant-garde theater to…
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Calendar, Night&Day Freak Out

Freak Out

This year marks the 10th anniversary of SF IndieFest's Another Hole in the Head Film Festival. If you aren't immediately scared to death after a single screening, you can enjoy three weeks of independent horror, sci-fi, and dark fantasy…
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Calendar, Night&Day Workshop for Potential Literature

Workshop for Potential Literature

For almost a year now, City Lights' program director Peter Maravelis has been plotting a festival celebrating Oulipo, the literary movement that uses writing constraints to generate new forms. A famous example is George Perec's 300-page mystery novel A…
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Calendar, Night&Day Open Studio, But Not For Rent

Open Studio, But Not For Rent

Residents of several neighborhoods in San Francisco may notice a larger number of "strollers" than usual this weekend. No, we don't mean the type of strollers that carry babies – we're talking about the type of folks who stroll…
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Calendar, Night&Day Hope Floats

Hope Floats

If the phrase "the show must go on" has ever applied, it applies to the San Francisco Mime Troupe's Oil and Water. After five decades of creating theater that lampoons the powerful, the Tony award-winning group almost had to…
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Calendar, Night&Day Slim and the Family Stone

Slim and the Family Stone

Now in its 15th year, the San Francisco Black Film Festival offers a globe-spanning selection of movies either by filmmakers of African descent or which feature actors or subjects representing the African diaspora. Over four days and about 70…
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Calendar, Night&Day Heroes and Villains

Heroes and Villains

Knowledge isn’t power; context is. That’s the timeless lesson that Vito Russo, the fearless queer activist and devoted film buff, taught us. A cofounder of ACT UP! and GLAAD, Russo recognized that politicians wired to voter perceptions — rather than…
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Calendar, Night&Day Local Color

Local Color

It could have been the Bumblebee Bridge, our Golden Gate. Back in 1937 when the iconic span was built, the Navy wanted to make sure ships and planes wouldn’t go careening into it and suggested it be painted in bands…
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Calendar, Night&Day Mass Choreograph

Mass Choreograph

For about 300 years starting in the 14th century, mainland Europe was afflicted by choreomania, a social phenomenon that caused thousands of people at once to dance hysterically. Some researchers believe the “dancing plague” was an extreme form of stress…
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Calendar, Night&Day Forks in the Road

Forks in the Road

Hardcore foodies know that it takes a lot of work keeping up on The Places to Be, The Dishes to Try, The Chefs to Follow, and The Next Big Cocktail. And now that the holidays are over, it will be…
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Calendar, Night&Day A Great Deluge

A Great Deluge

Is there any comic more suited to an old-time radio play than John Hodgman, with his everyday suits, sometimes-mustache, and thin, delicate fingers? Of course not. He appears tonight in an old-time radio play, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, one of…
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Calendar, Night&Day On the Front Lines

On the Front Lines

In the 1980s, people raised holy heck about what they called the “Manhattanization” of San Francisco (we should be so lucky) because of a couple of new high-rises. What we fear more these days might be called the “Pleasantonization” of…
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Calendar, Night&Day Run, Don't Crawl

Run, Don't Crawl

Without your map tonight, you're nothing. What's that you say? You know your way around? You've lived here a whole year? You have a smartphone? Forget it. It's not smart enough. Tonight is Lit Crawl, the intellectual orgy that's the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Moving Parts

Moving Parts

The first time we visited the Cable Car Museum, we expected to see little more than a few dioramas and maybe a ceramic dog — we’d been drinking, and were really looking for a bathroom. Instead, we got the guts…
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Calendar, Night&Day Street Sweep

Street Sweep

When the group of women who run La Cocina, a Mission District food-business incubator, launched the San Francisco Street Food Festival two years ago, they underestimated how popular the pavement-cuisine phenomenon had already grown – and the event drew thousands…
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Calendar, Night&Day Re-Sounding


We understand a certain hesitance toward experimental music performances: Nobody wants to squat in a damp culvert listening to cats scream for 36 hours (Berlin, 1973). But experimental music festivals are usually safe, because they have curators, and very few…
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