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News, Sucka Free City

Overgrown Mustache: Lyft's Spinoffs

It took all of a couple months for the car-hire service Lyft to turn a Pepto-pink mustache into a branding empire. A year since the company's genesis, the hairy logo hasn't just become ubiquitous on car bumpers; it's now one…
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News, Feature

San Francisco Urges...: What We'd Like to See, But Have No Business Asking For

The election cycle was already a place of fantasy before we ever came along. Not a vote could go by without the catalog of delusion we call nonbinding resolutions, in which San Francisco urges changes great and small in the…
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Dining, Eat Austerity Measures: A Restaurant Critic's Week on Food Stamps

Austerity Measures: A Restaurant Critic's Week on Food Stamps

The marshmallow was the best thing I'd eaten in days, a soft, white, silky hit of pure sugar that went straight to all the pleasure centers in my brain. Four days earlier, I wouldn't have believed that a puff of…
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Dining, Eat Super Duper Burger: The Burger Stand Evolves

Super Duper Burger: The Burger Stand Evolves

Few things are more American than the fast food burger. But the institution and its practices have come under fire of late, in the era of pink slime, Super Size Me, and food-borne illness. McDonald's and others are rehabbing their…
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Culture, Stage "Body Awareness": Annie Baker Reveals the Heart of Things

"Body Awareness": Annie Baker Reveals the Heart of Things

Sexy topical questions add sheen to the surface of Annie Baker's Body Awareness, a Bay Area premiere now at the Aurora: To what extent is feminism still politically relevant? When is our perception of objectification and abuse just a product…
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News, Sucka Free City

Rant: When Crossing the Street Gets Real

Ranters: A sullen skateboarder, a furious cabdriver, and a wrathful mother Location: 24th & Mission Time: 6:15 p.m. on a Wednesday Topics Covered: What crosswalks are for; the unlikeliness of a cabbie leaving the cab; the likeliness that both the…
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News, Letters

SF Weekly Letters

All Talk, No Action Smart part of electorate stays away from committees: Democracy only works when there is a well-informed, self-controlled, grounded electorate . Currently about 1 percent of the population fits this criteria.…
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News, Feature How the Happy Meal ban explains San Francisco

How the Happy Meal ban explains San Francisco

In August 2010, San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar decided that city intervention was needed to help him raise his daughter. As Mar later told reporters, he was shocked to discover a trove of toys from McDonald's Happy Meals stashed…
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News, Sucka Free City

Unhappy Meals: How else can S.F. improve kids' health?

Last week, San Francisco forbade companies like McDonald's from including toys in children's meals that don't live up to the city's nutritional standards. What's the city's next step to promote child health? • Banning the use of ice cream to…
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News, Sucka Free City

List: How do the homeless cope without McDonald's dollar meals?

The Haight Street branch of McDonald's recently did away with the $1 menu, angering homeless people in the area who relied on the cheap fast food for sustenance. How are they dealing with the situation? • Drafting document of beefs…
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News, Feature The Rise and Fall of the Monster

The Rise and Fall of the Monster

When the careworn, emaciated man in the powder-blue long-sleeved button-down shirt drifted in through the courtroom doors, not many took note. For all anyone knew, he was just another junkie who had stolen or trespassed or sold drugs or gotten…
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Calendar, Night&Day There Will Be Sno-Globes

There Will Be Sno-Globes

Last year, City Space asked artists to submit proposals on postcards for new Bay Area souvenirs that reinterpreted traditional ones, challenging the artists move beyond the "narrow strictures" of the kitschy objects. Out of the deluge of colorful cards they…
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News, Sucka Free City C.W. Obvious Discovers Bums in S.F.

C.W. Obvious Discovers Bums in S.F.

The rancid odor of Old Spice and caked-on sweat nearly overcomes me as I survey the rotting landscape of greasy McDonald's wrappers, shattered Old English bottles, a smattering of syringes, and, of course, liberal quantities of human excrement. God, is…
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Calendar, Night&Day Long Live Jack Rebney

Long Live Jack Rebney

The Found Footage Festival first made a splash in 2004 screening short, strange clips like McDonald's training films, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Rio travel video, and outtakes of Winnebago salesmen Jack Rebney losing his mind. Now, the more unimaginative of you are…
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Dining, Eat

Burning Brew

Early last month my father, a retired Methodist pastor in Red Bluff, three hours north of San Francisco, ordered a cup of coffee for himself at Starbucks. Before Dad picked up the coffee, the barista bumped it off the counter.…
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Film, There's the Beef

There's the Beef

Fast Food Nation, directed by Richard Linklater from Eric Schlosser's 2001 best-selling exposé of the McDonald's conspiracy, is an anti-commercial. It's designed to kill desire and deprogram the viewer's appetite. Linklater — who, along with Steven Soderbergh and Gus Van…
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News, Sucka Free City Great Moments in Photojournalism

Great Moments in Photojournalism

Acouple of weeks ago, our city was privileged enough to be a pit stop on the Battle Cry Tour: a rock-and-rally festival of evangelical Christian teens who seek to combat the "corporations, media conglomerates, and purveyors of popular culture" that…
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Film, Freedom Fries

Freedom Fries

McLibel -- "the story of two people who wouldn't say McSorry" -- may by the first film in history whose most dramatic moment hinges on a file download. In a cramped office, the documentary's subjects fuss over a computer, waiting…
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Music, Reviewed Dirty Vegas

Dirty Vegas

There's nothing more annoying to a music geek than an ad exec who's ahead of the curve. How many indie rockers cringe whenever they see that McDonald's commercial that financed the Shins' last tour, or hear Isaac Brock's tortured bark…
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Best of San Francisco, Shopping & Services

Six Best Bookstores

The following are what we like to call real bookstores: places that smell of old wood, leather bindings, and pressed flowers; places with whimsical notions of organization, bookcases that don't match, and a love of literature that's palpable; places with…
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