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Dining, Distillations Distillations: Barchaeology 101 at The Little Shamrock

Distillations: Barchaeology 101 at The Little Shamrock

There were not, as far as I could tell, any brilliant conversationalists waiting to be discovered in The Little Shamrock Monday night. To my left, in one of the bar's many nooks and alcoves, three women were asking a drunk…
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Music, Hear This La Plebe: Show Preview

La Plebe: Show Preview

Punk is an international language. So even though most San Franciscans probably haven't heard of La Plebe — a local punk band whose name means "The People," and which has been inciting mosh pits around the Bay Area since 2001…
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Music, DJ Harvey on Performing 11-Hour DJ Sets and Disliking Shazam

DJ Harvey on Performing 11-Hour DJ Sets and Disliking Shazam

Many DJs are respected, but few have the same kind of cult following as DJ Harvey. The British expat has a 30-year history as a disc jockey and party-thrower, with an astounding career that's involved such highs as a weekly…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Movies Seen Round the World

The Movies Seen Round the World

Future Shorts, the largest worldwide pop-up film festival, returns to San Francisco with a selection of some of the best classic, cult, and award-winning short films from around the world, specially curated every three months by Future Shorts HQ…
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Film, "Closed Circuit": The Brits Love to Remind Us They're Always Being Watched

"Closed Circuit": The Brits Love to Remind Us They're Always Being Watched

Closed Circuit In a modern-day London of ubiquitous surveillance and perpetual malfeasance (and there we have the double-meaning of the movie's title), Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall are lawyers, and former lovers, defending a suspected terrorist. That's challenging enough, but…
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Music, Hear This Savages: Show Preview

Savages: Show Preview

Savages' sudden blast upward proves that you should never underestimate the value of mystique. The London post-punk outfit has only been active since October 2011, but it's already amassed a substantial following among music journalists based on the electricity of…
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Calendar, Night&Day Writing in Accents

Writing in Accents

One of the most internationally renowned literary journals in the world (and rightfully so), Granta published the first “20 under 40” list 30 years ago with their Best of Young British Novelists. That issue, which included such up-and-comers as Ian…
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Music, Hear This Ben UFO: Show Preview

Ben UFO: Show Preview

The results are in, and Ben Thomson (aka Ben UFO) ranks No. 21 (out of 100) on Resident Advisor's authoritative Top DJs of 2012 list. This should come as no surprise to fans of the London-based DJ. With no production…
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Culture, Books Travel Channeling: December Books Search for the Self

Travel Channeling: December Books Search for the Self

It's not an insult to the work of Swiss novelist/memoirist/archaeologist Annemarie Schwarzenbach that readers, in the decades since her death in 1942, have found her writing not quite as interesting as her life. After growing up in Zurich dominated by…
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Music, Hear This Mount Kimbie: Show Preview

Mount Kimbie: Show Preview

Though dubstep might be associated with robo-flatulence and car alarm noises in the United States, it's something entirely different in its native U.K. This discrepancy accounts for why the comparatively soulful sounds of London-based duo Mount Kimbie are considered an…
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Calendar, Night&Day Politics and Protest

Politics and Protest

An empty chair. A full binder. This election has had it all and remains quite a nail-biter to boot. There are plenty of talking heads trying to spin the exit polls today, but once you do vote, take refuge from…
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Film, "The Awakening": The Haunting of Early 20-Century England

"The Awakening": The Haunting of Early 20-Century England

A ghost story relies on the memory of trauma, and The Awakening has plenty, as it's set in a slate-toned 1921, with the catastrophe of the Great War and England's grieving still fresh. Authoress Florence Cathcart (Rebecca Hall) is the…
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Film, "Beloved": Songs Sung Blah

"Beloved": Songs Sung Blah

Writer-director Christophe Honoré revisits the musical — the genre of his biggest stateside hit, Love Songs (2007) — in Beloved, a sprawling mess of multiple romantic triangles in which all the angles are obtuse. Era-spanning (the film opens in 1963…
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Calendar, Night&Day Sweet, Merciful Zeus

Sweet, Merciful Zeus

During the last Summer Olympics, nearly 70 million Americans watched Shanghai’s opening ceremony -- it was an impressive if somewhat eerie phantasm (a gymnast ran on air, the weather was controlled by scientists, and a little girl was given a…
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Film, "Khodorkovsky": A Compassionate Portrait of a Prisoner

"Khodorkovsky": A Compassionate Portrait of a Prisoner

"In all my human rights work, this is the first time I've defended a capitalist," says a Hague lawyer of the unlikeliest of political martyrs, ex-oligarch Mikhael Khodorkovsky, subject of Cyril Tuschi's documentary. Once the richest man in the world…
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Calendar, Night&Day Sword, Meet Pen

Sword, Meet Pen

Born to a wealthy Jewish family in Vienna, Lily Renée had her first work displayed in a gallery at age 6. Following up on this success, Lily’s mother submitted a photograph by the gifted child to a contest where the…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Godfather of Fairs

The Godfather of Fairs

Those who think of arts and crafts as quaint endeavors are probably unfamiliar with how seriously people take them these days, especially in the Bay Area. It’s now common to have regional crafting groups called “mafias” (no, really), and the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Beauty Turned Inside Out

Beauty Turned Inside Out

When we think of classic glamor — pencil skirt, gloves, and arched-eyebrow glamor, the kind that would have looked askance through perfectly lined eyes and French milliner’s netting at you and your holey shoes and yoga pants — the image…
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Calendar, Night&Day It’s the Only Thing That There’s Just Too Little Of

It’s the Only Thing That There’s Just Too Little Of

Most likely, the first song ever written had something to do with love. Perhaps it was penned by a Cro-Magnon besotted with some lady or triceratops. These days, it's just what songs are about: love of man, woman, God, baseball,…
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Calendar, Night&Day No Boundaries

No Boundaries

The bio of choreographer Opiyo Okach reads like a case study for the geography of the Internet age. Born in Magadi, Kenya, he grew up steeped in village life before developing an interest in theater and dance in high school.…
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