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Music, All Shook Down Tippa Irie Wants to Turn Your Sunday Funday Into a Bacchanalia of Roots, Rocks, and Reggae

Tippa Irie Wants to Turn Your Sunday Funday Into a Bacchanalia of Roots, Rocks, and Reggae

Reggae legend Tippa Irie is on a boat. Or rather, a ship. A ship that’s about to set off for a five-day cruise from Miami to Jamaica. And luckily for him, he gets to repeat this journey twice. “It’s…
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Music, Hear This Hot Chip: Show Preview

Hot Chip: Show Preview

You'd think a song titled "Ready for the Floor" that begins, "Do it, do it, do it now/Say it, say it, say it now" would be a four-alarm dance track about going wild in a dark club somewhere. In reality,…
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Film, "Teenage": Introducing the Newest Stage in Human Development, Now with Ennui

"Teenage": Introducing the Newest Stage in Human Development, Now with Ennui

Matt Wolf's engrossing documentary Teenage looks at the comparatively new phenomenon known as "being a teenager," a concept that the film argues didn't really exist until the mid-1940s. The emotional fulcrum is four real-life historical teenagers: Brenda Dean Paul, a…
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Music, Hear This Tinariwen: Show Preview

Tinariwen: Show Preview

Some musicians become inseparable from a locale: think N.W.A's connection to Compton, Elvis to Memphis, the Sex Pistols to London. Tinariwen, a 35-year-old band with an ever-shifting cast, is another example of the musician-location bond in action, although not in…
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Calendar, Night&Day Highway Fraternity

Highway Fraternity

In many ways, Road Show tells the story of the American Dream. The musical, written by three-time Tony Award-winning Broadway legend Stephen Sondheim, follows two brothers who crisscross the USA and Canada in search of riches, adventure, and success.…
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Calendar, Night&Day Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Every blink of the sun into the horizon brings the opportunity to meditate on change. Change is the slippery basis for Mary Armentrout's wandering site-specific performance installation, reveries and elegies, showing every weekend this month at sundown before it…
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Music, Hear This King Krule: Show Preview

King Krule: Show Preview

Archy Marshall is only 19 years old, but as King Krule, the singer-songwriter expresses a kind of cloud-ridden doom that sounds a decade or so beyond his age. Otherwise known as Zoo Kid and Edgar the Beatmaker, the extraordinarily promising…
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Calendar, Night&Day Converted to Crass

Converted to Crass

There isn't much to say about The Book of Mormon that hasn't already been said. The musical, from the brains behind South Park and Avenue Q, is about two silly missionaries in Africa and has already won nine Tony…
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Calendar, Night&Day Still in the Groove

Still in the Groove

It's hard to imagine now, but 15 years ago, it was a radical idea. When the San Francisco International Hip Hop Dancefest held its first production, almost no one was putting street dance in the theater. Fast forward to…
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Music, Sizzle & Fizzle Sizzle and Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music

Sizzle and Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music

Sizzle We spent the weekend shivering and dancing at Treasure Island Music Festival, where smaller acts like the sister-rockers Haim, New York party-starters Holy Ghost!, and local rapper Antwon played some of the finest sets. But headliners Atoms for Peace…
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Film, Film Feature

San Francisco Dance Film Festival: A Gateway Drug to Stage Dance

If writing about music is like dancing about architecture, then what are movies about dancing? They're just plain entertaining, and this year's San Francisco Dance Film Festival has plenty to choose from, including more than three dozen shorts from around…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Craft of the Card

The Craft of the Card

Hello!Lucky is the new Hallmark. As a part of its Form & Future series, Makeshift Society features this an artisanal start-up letterpress company specializing in handcrafted wedding invitations, greeting cards, and stationery with locations only in S.F. and London.…
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Music, Hear This Mount Kimbie: Show Preview

Mount Kimbie: Show Preview

Looking for a crash course in the delicate art of speaking a lot but not saying much? Just Google some interviews with the members of Mount Kimbie. London residents and ex-schoolmates Dominic Maker and Kai Campos have granted several since…
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Calendar, Night&Day More of the Other

More of the Other

For decades, Chicano performance artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña has challenged our notion of identity and demanded exploration of “other” through lush, interactive tableaus. In 1998’s Mexterminator Project — the “Techno-Museum of Experimental Ethnography and Apocalyptic Culture” created with fellow journeyman Roberto…
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Calendar, Night&Day Remember to Breathe

Remember to Breathe

Though Groucho Marx famously declared, "I don't want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member," many of us welcome the opportunity to find other souls who share our interests, connecting through chess clubs,…
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Music, Hear This Jessie Ware: Show Preview

Jessie Ware: Show Preview

Ordinarily, a London-based soul chanteuse has zero reason to beef with a hulking 1990s rapper from the Bronx — but that's not the case for Jessie Ware and the late Big Pun. The ultra-chic up-and-comer and her producer, Julio Bashmore,…
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Film, "A Royal Affair": Doomed Love in the Enlightment

"A Royal Affair": Doomed Love in the Enlightment

The way to a queen's heart is through Rousseau in A Royal Affair, in which church and state oppression can't, at least for a time, quell enlightenment urges. From prostitute trysts and physician-conducted crotch examinations to wild-stallion rides through the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Doolittle, Too Late

Doolittle, Too Late

The most salient status symbols in the London of My Fair Lady aren’t walking sticks and pocket watches but diphthongs and fricative H’s. In the Lerner and Loewe musical, norms of speech are so codified by class that phonetics professor…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist The Olympic Sport We'd Like to See in 2016: Kitten Wrestling

The Olympic Sport We'd Like to See in 2016: Kitten Wrestling

It's been an animal-centric week here at the Exhibitionist, what with Acro-Cats bringing teh cute to San Francisco, Point Reyes elks gone wild, and killer whales living up to their names. Since it's Friday, and the Summer Olympics are fast…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Photo of the Day: Forget the USA, Go USSR!

Photo of the Day: Forget the USA, Go USSR!

Put a black dot by our name. Drag us in to talk to McCarthy. We don't care, this girl is worth it. What can we say? Darya Klishina gives us Olympic fever.…
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