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Culture, The Exhibitionist

How Hollywood Movies Led to Genocide: The Act of Killing at the Toronto Film Festival

Film critic Karina Longworth is reporting from the Toronto International Film Festival this week. The best, most daring and form-defying documentaries in the world right now are being funded by the Danish Film Institute, and so it goes that the…
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Film, "Act Of Valor": Recruits Adrenaline Junkies Everywhere

"Act Of Valor": Recruits Adrenaline Junkies Everywhere

Act of Valor is, according to the opening titles, "based on real acts of valor," whatever that means. It does star real active-duty Navy SEALs, and much of it was filmed with live-fire ammunition. None of the above works to…
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Calendar, Night&Day Quite a Feet

Quite a Feet

Europeans of No Known or Cared About Racial Affiliation, or ENKCARAs, which we just made up, have only ballet dancing to call their own. Its generic, wooden movements reflect the way ENKCARAs typically fail to express physical joy except when…
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Calendar, Night&Day Shark Week

Shark Week

In 1997, a killer whale breached the surface of the water off San Francisco, shocking a boatload of whale watchers (one with a video camera). It had a huge great white shark clamped in its mouth, upending conventional wisdom about…
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Calendar, Night&Day The 23rd Annual San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show

The 23rd Annual San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show

Sculptures and antiques from South East Asia, the Oceanic Islands, the Middle East, Central and South America, Africa, the Cook and Solomon Islands, Polynesia, and Indonesia. Organizers note that tribal art is a good buy, imploding-economy-wise, because of its rarity.…
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News, The Snitch Snorkeling Berkeley Scientists are Peeping Toms

Snorkeling Berkeley Scientists are Peeping Toms

You know that scene from Ghostbusters II when Peter Venkman walks in on two of his more academically minded partners pouring supernatural pink ooze into a toaster and then playing tunes for it so that it dances around? And…
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Dining, Eat Running Ahmohk

Running Ahmohk

San Franciscans enjoy an embarrassment of Southeast Asian culinary delights. Every neighborhood has its Thai and Vietnamese restaurants vying for locals' dining dollars, and for the tastes of Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, or the Philippines you'll have a choice of…
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Film, More Than One Tsunami

More Than One Tsunami

This year's selection of works from the neglected filmmaking countries of Malaysia and Indonesia reveals countless tsunamis, not all literal, that have swept the shores of these multicultural nations over the past several centuries. The Gravel Road, the first Tamil-language…
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Dining, Dish Enchanted

Mind the Gap

Even in San Francisco, which prides itself on offering just about every native cuisine known to civilization, there are some gaps in the restaurant firmament. There is a dearth, for instance, of authentic Southern soul food (no disrespect to Powell's);…
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Calendar, Night&Day By Hook or by Book

By Hook or by Book

In the early '80s, my friend's mom belonged to an all-female bowling league named "The Happy Hookers." Though he was too young to know what the name referred to -- and too afraid to ask -- most folks back then…
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Dining, Eat

South Pacific

Got cabin fever? Need a quick getaway to 17,000 tropical islands? Two destinations await you. With the recent opening of Java Indonesian Restaurant on Geary, the Richmond is now blessed with two enchanting restaurants serving authentic Indonesian specialties. Don't ask…
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Calendar, Halloween

REAL ASTROLOGY For an Unreal World

Aries (March 21-April 19): Try to wrap your imagination around the concept of a tropical glacier. There is such a thing. It's in the highlands of Indonesia's Irian Jaya, which is a mere 300 miles from the equator. There's also…
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