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Calendar, Night&Day One Last Lecture

One Last Lecture

Public radio celebrity and folksy raconteur Garrison Keillor joins writer Calvin Trillin and unspecified friends for The Last Foxtrot, a celebration the City Arts & Lectures series’ 32 years at the Herbst Theatre. The event is a final hurrah before…
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Calendar, Night&Day Paddling Faster

Paddling Faster

Scientific historian George Dyson was a boat-builder in Canada in his young adult years, an expert on kayaks. He lived in a house he built high in a Douglas fir and split his time between boats and observing the natural…
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Calendar, Night&Day A Convenient Truth

A Convenient Truth

When Al Gore was vice president (1993-2001), he seemed wholly focused on the environment when even the most liberal politicians barely feigned interest, but the title of his new book points to the diversity of his post-Washington life: The Future:…
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Calendar, Night&Day No Place Like Om

No Place Like Om

Here in San Francisco, it seems you can't throw a bong out of a window without it landing on a yoga studio. The ancient practice is so popular, there's even a dedicated yoga room SFO. Most of us are already…
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Calendar, Night&Day You've Got Us Feeling Emo-tions

You've Got Us Feeling Emo-tions

There are at least four big comedy shows in San Francisco tonight and the good news is that you can’t go wrong no matter which one you pick. Greg Proops -- San Francisco native and star of Whose Line is…
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Calendar, Night&Day Strayed but Not Lost

Strayed but Not Lost

Cheryl Strayed is a motherfucking heart surgeon. Few who have read her can claim they haven’t been touched by her writ-ing in some profound, life-altering way. From her frank, evocative Dear Sugar advice column on the literary website The Rumpus…
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Calendar, Night&Day Justice Is Ours

Justice Is Ours

If you think civics is what social studies was once called, you’re just one of the millions of Americans making Justice Sandra Day O’Connor incredibly nervous about the future of this country. Before Americans can address the myriad challenges of…
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Calendar, Night&Day Shoe-In


Tap dance is a transcendent, joyful, and exciting art form as diverse in makeup as it is in audience and as fast-paced in innovation as it is in choreography. Local nonprofit Stepology hoofs toward another milestone with an annual week-long…
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Calendar, Night&Day Dancing of the Stars

Dancing of the Stars

If the city’s dance arts community were to form a rock ’n’ roll-style supergroup, it might look something like the choreographers and performers who have assembled for the charitable night dubbed the Get in Front Performance. San Francisco Ballet soloists…
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Calendar, Night&Day A Bookish Affair

A Bookish Affair

It was a good year for Woody Allen, 1978. He won his first Oscar for Annie Hall and an O. Henry award for “The Kugelmass Episode.” Published in The New Yorker, the short story follows a humanities professor who, in…
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Calendar, Night&Day Dig Into Ancient Culture

Dig Into Ancient Culture

The ancient city of Pompeii was home to about 20,000 Romans, who were said to have become so accustomed to the region’s frequent earthquakes that the tremors ceased to be alarming. In 62 C.E., a big quake and subsequent fires…
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Calendar, Night&Day Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars

It doesn’t take a long walk through many San Francisco neighborhoods to see just how many of our residents live on the streets. Despite the efforts of multiple people and groups, it’s a problem that never seems to get any…
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Calendar, Night&Day Way to Go, Ohio

Way to Go, Ohio

The first performance of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 61, in 1806, was a little shaky. Some musicians had to sight-read the hastily finished and unrehearsed final parts. At one point, a violinist is said to have flipped…
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Calendar, Night&Day Alt-History


National treasure Sarah Vowell's most recent book, Unfamiliar Fishes, explores the Americanization of Hawaii, from the arrival of the first missionaries in the early 19th century to their grandchildren’s coup, backed by the U.S. military, not 80 years later. Vowell,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Ya Big Baboon!

Ya Big Baboon!

The physiological reaction of a zebra running for its life, after being ripped open by a lion, is shockingly similar to that of humans when we contemplate mortality -- or become distressed by a traffic jam. The same classic mammalian…
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Calendar, Night&Day Scorn, Dissected and Illustrated

Scorn, Dissected and Illustrated

In his new young adult novel, Daniel Handler writes from the perspective of a precocious 16-year-old, which is not such a stretch. It’s a safe bet our proto-Snicket, growing up in San Francisco, left a lot of dazzled students and…
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Calendar, Night&Day Big Game

Big Game

In her book Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How they Can Change the World, game designer and researcher Jane McGonigal makes the case that video games reduce unhappiness in players, hone their critical thinking skills, and…
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Calendar, Night&Day Abbie Normal

Abbie Normal

Liz Grant makes fun of alcoholics. “I love it when people in meetings say, 'Thanks for letting me share.'” … short pause, smart-ass look … “Oh, as if we had a choice?” She also makes fun of other people…
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Calendar, Night&Day Laughter in the Tundra

Laughter in the Tundra

Americans have a vision of Siberia informed by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago and James Bond prison breakouts. Siberia is far more complex, diverse, and unforgiving, however, than what’s in the popular imagination. In his latest book, Travels in Siberia,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs

Consider the elevator. Colson Whitehead did in his first novel, The Intuitionist, in which "the lift" occupies the center of a secret society. Certain elevators have minds of their own — in the same way that cars have “psychosomatic” problems…
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