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Music, Hear This King Khan & the Shrines: Show Preview

King Khan & the Shrines: Show Preview

With membership in multiple hell-raising bands, outlandish press photographs aplenty, a daring, off-kilter stage presence, and statements like "When I tour, I'm neither homosexual or heterosexual — I'm hobo-sexual" to his name, King Khan is one of the true characters…
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Calendar, Night&Day Test Tube Ballet

Test Tube Ballet

Choreographer Jess Curtis, winner of an Isadora Duncan Dance Award, has been making dances in the Bay Area and Europe for nearly 30 years and wants to know how dance makes you feel. Does it make you sweat? Does…
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Culture, Know Your Street Art Untitled: 1007 Market St.

Untitled: 1007 Market St.

Untitled: 1007 Market St. The Brazilian street artists who call themselves OSGÊMEOS, which means "The Twins" in Portuguese, are real-life identical twins who have an affinity for scaling tall buildings and drawing distinctive figures with yellow faces. Global capitals including…
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Music, Sizzle & Fizzle Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows From the Last Week in S.F. Music

Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows From the Last Week in S.F. Music

sizzle You know what's awesome? Underground parties. Especially ones thrown by the aces behind As You Like It, who packed Berlin DJ Prosumer and a mishmash of house bros and trenchcoated trend-surfers into a cement environs for a less-than-legal party…
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Calendar, Night&Day Sing, Sip, and slap

Sing, Sip, and slap

Musical chairs, ping-pong, and a karaoke DJ walk into a theater together — no, it’s not the setup for a bad joke — it’s the hilarious event concept from American Tripps, Singin’ and Pingin’. A semi-regular occurrence, tonight’s Pingin’ will…
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Calendar, Night&Day Urban Redesign

Urban Redesign

During the height of the crack epidemic, people had all kinds of spooky hypotheses about sneakers dangling over phone lines: They marked drug corners, gang turf, or recent murder scenes. Really, kids have been slinging shoes since the intersection of…
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Dining, Eat Biergarten: Now with 100 Percent More Burgers

Biergarten: Now with 100 Percent More Burgers

Parker Vaughan was flipping his signature patties at the company picnic when his employees decided to give it a whirl back at work. After all, hamburgers find their origins in Hamburg, Germany. Now, Biergarten brings burgers alongside beer and brats…
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Music, All Shook Down David Bowie Continues a Long-Held Obsession With Berlin

David Bowie Continues a Long-Held Obsession With Berlin

Everyone and their mother got a bit excited yesterday when David Bowie released new material for the first time in 10 years, to coincide with his 66th birthday. Not only is "Where Are We Now?" very good indeed, but…
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Music, Hear This Thomas Gold: Show Preview

Thomas Gold: Show Preview

Berlin producer/DJ Thomas Gold makes and plays the type of tunes that make club light techs feel like they earned their paychecks. Gold's selections — an assortment of original productions, bootleg edits, and mashups — are a style of build/climax/breakdown/climax…
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Calendar, Night&Day Paddle Up, Y'all

Paddle Up, Y'all

You've probably played ping pong, the miniature version of tennis once seen only in frat houses and summer camps, but has since found its appropraite place in the limelight, with help from Forrest Gump and the Olympics. But with Berlin-style…
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Film, "The Flat": Unearthing the Past from Its Darkest Corners

"The Flat": Unearthing the Past from Its Darkest Corners

It begins as an ordinary, if bittersweet, family event. The 98-year-old grandmother of Israeli filmmaker Arnon Goldfinger has died, and as this superb documentary opens, Goldfinger and his mother begin packing up her apartment. German Jews from Berlin, the Goldfingers…
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Music, Hear This Pantha du Prince: Show Preview

Pantha du Prince: Show Preview

Berlin-based producer Hendrik Weber, best known for his work as Pantha du Prince, makes the melodic tech-house equivalent of a time-lapse nature documentary. Weber's studies in resonance unfurl delicately, deliberately, on an innate schedule where every tone adds to the…
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Music, Hear This Dixon: Show Preview

Dixon: Show Preview

It's hard to imagine the city of Berlin without Dixon behind the controls. However, it might very well have come to pass. The multi-faceted East Germany-born house DJ was on the fast track to soccer stardom before his injuries pushed…
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News, The Snitch BitTorrent Is Suing a German Company for Pirating Its Trademark

BitTorrent Is Suing a German Company for Pirating Its Trademark

Remember that episode of The Wire when Avon Barksdale filled out a police report after Omar jacked his stash?No? You're right, that never happened.But this is happening.BitTorrent, the California-based file sharing website that allows people to download pirated movies and…
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Calendar, Night&Day Straight to the Point

Straight to the Point

Be careful what you assume, and be careful what you consider “normal.” So sings the perpetual chorus in über-diverse San Francisco, where we like to believe we ask the obvious (and inclusive) questions that less-enlightened populations overlook. But there’s a…
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Calendar, Night&Day DJ Kaos

DJ Kaos

Usually, when Berlin is mentioned in a musical context, it’s in reference to the city’s thriving club scene. Yet, dig deeper under the surface of the German capital, and you’ll invariably come across its underground. The long career of Dennis…
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Music, Hear This Maayan Nidam: Show Preview

Maayan Nidam: Show Preview

Originally from Tel Aviv and now based in Berlin, Maayan Nidam established a reputation in the last decade for producing and DJing muggy, dub-haunted minimal house under the name Miss Fitz. In the last few years, however, she has focused…
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Music, Hear This Hanin Elias: Show Preview

Hanin Elias: Show Preview

For the first part of her career, Germany's Hanin Elias established herself as something of an anti-Nazi sex symbol for the electronic music world. She was the most palatable part of the ear-bleeding Berlin techno-punk act Atari Teenage Riot, and…
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Music, Hear This The Field: Show Preview

The Field: Show Preview

Berlin-by-way-of-Stockholm producer Axel Willner records and performs as the Field, creating ambiance-swathed, Krautrock-influenced tech-house. But Willner doesn't play the field; he's a serial monogamist. Augmented by drummer Jesper Skarin and mix engineer Jörg Burger, Willner is all about romancing an…
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Music, Hear This Anika: Show Preview

Anika: Show Preview

Germany's Anika is a study in paradoxes. Her lyrics convey desperation and self-erasure as she delivers them in an unflappable monotone. She's among a growing roster of weirdos on the L.A. hip-hop label Stones Throw, although her music veers closer…
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