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Music, Hear This Goblin: Show Preview

Goblin: Show Preview

While the band got its start emulating the bombastic sounds of Yes and Genesis, Italian prog-rock outfit Goblin didn't take flight until it was commissioned to score director Dario Argento's 1975 bloody masterwork Profondo Rosso (aka Deep Red). The atmospheric…
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Film, "Trollhunter": Mockumentary Monster Movie Is a Snooze

"Trollhunter": Mockumentary Monster Movie Is a Snooze

Alleged to be compiled of found college-project footage from a group of missing students, Trollhunter begins as an investigative report by aspiring Norwegian Michael Moores trailing RV-driving loner Hans (Otto Jespersen). Suspected of bear poaching, Hans is revealed instead to…
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Film, Dr. Manhattan, Meet Dr. Hollywood

Dr. Manhattan, Meet Dr. Hollywood

The most eagerly anticipated (as well as the most beleaguered) movie of the year (if not the century), Watchmen is neither desecratory disaster nor total triumph. In filming David Hayter and Alex Tse's adaptation of the most ambitious superhero comic…
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Film, <i>The Signal</i> Brings Zombies to the HotLanta

The Signal Brings Zombies to the HotLanta

"Do you have the crazy?" a wild-eyed zombie fighter demands of his duct-taped captive. The Signal has the crazy all right, bless its cold and sick little heart. A roundelay/tag-team triptych by three directors, filmed in the hitherto-untapped zombie haven…
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Film, The Media Is a Mess Age in George A. Romero's <i>Diary of the Dead</i>

The Media Is a Mess Age in George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead

Fleet-footed corpses are, from a physiological point of view, complete bullshit. "If you run that fast, your ankles will snap off," says Jason Creed (Josh Close) to fellow film student Ridley (Philip Riccio), the gauze-wrapped lead of his no-budget mummy…
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Film, 209 Weeks Later

209 Weeks Later

Four years after President Bush declared "Mission accomplished," 28 Weeks Later reminds us that the mission, whatever the hell it was to begin with, is now officially, apocalyptically fucked. The story thus far: Seven months have gone by since the…
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Home Entertainment, Game On Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead

The mall in Dead Rising is pretty much like any other you've visited. There's a bunch of women's clothing stores, a movie theater, and of course the obligatory food court. The only real difference is that it's teeming with enough…
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Home Entertainment, DVDish Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope

Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997 (Warner Home Video) There's good reason to be skeptical of an eight-disc Batman set that forces you to buy the campy Joel Schumacher movies (Batman Forever, its title a veiled threat, and Batman &…
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Film, G'Dead, Mate

G'Dead, Mate

Since George Romero's long-awaited Land of the Dead turned out to be a letdown, we'll have to find our zombie-movie solace elsewhere. Thankfully, Romero's been making movies for so long that not only has he inspired others to follow in…
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Film, <i>Dead</i> Good

Dead Good

"Ash is feeling a little bit under the weather, so I'll be taking charge." So says Shaun (Simon Pegg) to his valiant crew of appliance salespeople, but if you don't get the real meaning, you're probably not part of the…
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Film, Zoom Lens Zoom Lens

Zoom Lens

True independent film -- not the middle-of-the-road Indiewood crap but transgressive, taboo-busting movies inspired by John Waters, George A. Romero, and Errol Morris -- has always sprung from youth culture. Hence the obsessions with horror, sex, and music (with a…
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