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Culture, The Exhibitionist CounterPulse to Turn Former Porn Theater into Cultural Hub

CounterPulse to Turn Former Porn Theater into Cultural Hub

When Twitter moved onto the same block as the small but mighty art organization CounterPulse, it was a blessing in disguise. Though initially terrifying, the sky-high rent increase didn’t send the one-room SoMa theater running for the hills. In…
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Calendar, Night&Day Space Age Survival

Space Age Survival

The era of machine domination has already begun its tenure: Our powers of navigation, communication, recollection, and sensation are all mediated by devices that weigh less than the gray matter that we still, out of courtesy and physiological necessity,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Sex Files

Sex Files

There are those who love their fellow man and those who observe them, anatomizing and cataloguing their multifarious qualities. Erstwhile English professor turned pornographic fiction writer, tattoo artist, and sexual rebel Sam Steward was both, adventuring mightily in the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Kidman Forever

Kidman Forever

There are Marilyns, and there are Judys, and there are Audreys, and there are Bettes, and there are Tildas, but for some, there is only she of the button nose and immobile forehead, she of varying degrees of strawberry…
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Calendar, Night&Day Slithering Forward

Slithering Forward

Mid-November brings us well down the vertebrae of a black snake year, predicted to be one of social, political, and personal upheaval and renewal — a year too slippery to define, a year of shedding the old and embracing…
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Calendar, Night&Day give us liberty or give us dance

give us liberty or give us dance

The Performing Diaspora festival, curated annually by CounterPULSE Theater, roves through time and history to celebrate diversity of culture and freedom of expression for two weeks this month. The second weekend of this year's festival features three works that…
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Calendar, Night&Day Another Picture of Dorian Gray

Another Picture of Dorian Gray

It's a thirtysomething problem. It's the biological clock you ignore when you're out with Mr. Wrong. It's the conviction that this year, truly, you'll break even selling art. Samantha Giron addresses the condition of the forever young in her…
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Calendar, Night&Day Envisioning Psychic Dance

Envisioning Psychic Dance

The most sentient extremities since Mean Girl Karen Smith's clairvoyant boobs are back in town when Dr. Zebrovski, No. #1 World Renown Dance Psychic, returns to the stage June 26-28 at CounterPULSE for Dr. Zebrovski's Hour of Power. Dr.…
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Calendar, Night&Day Moving Past Disaster

Moving Past Disaster

Rasika Kumar has been dancing since the age of four under the tutelage of her mother, Mythili, the founder and artistic director of San Jose Bharatanatyam company Abhinaya Dance Company. Rather than retell traditional Indian myths, in Courage, July…
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Calendar, Night&Day Join the Pageant

Join the Pageant

Liz Tenuto and Justin Morrison are young and beautiful, and they have things to show you in Pageantry, their shared evening of new work at CounterPULSE. Quirky, gesture-based, and unafraid of being uncomfortably close to each other and to…
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Culture, Stage Annie Danger: She'll Take Your Body on a Spiritual Journey

Annie Danger: She'll Take Your Body on a Spiritual Journey

Annie Danger isn't officially running for Pope, at least not yet, but the performing artist might win a sizable share of the electorate (whoever they are) here in S.F. Originally from Albuquerque, N.M., Danger has been doing queer performance in…
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Calendar, Night&Day Well Versed

Well Versed

Poets’ theater has a long and varied history in the United States. The Cambridge Poets’ Theatre, founded in 1951 by the eccentric Bunny Lang, was the first to present works by Samuel Beckett, while the New York Poets’ Theatre, co-founded…
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Calendar, Night&Day Slasher Drag

Slasher Drag

In his Halloween! The Ballad of Michele Myers, drag performer Raya Light brings a bunch of girls to their deaths, but, more importantly, he brings the 1980s back to life. Dunn cherishes the glory decade for its music, its sitcoms,…
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Calendar, Night&Day Stay Gold

Stay Gold

Pure liberation in the arts lies in the affirmation that it doesn't take much to give a wild Pollock of a play a sudden esoteric urgency. Why should we go see go see a one-act musical about a salmon in…
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Calendar, Night&Day A Duel With Duality

A Duel With Duality

For the artist, the decision between making a living and following creative bliss -- the decision between eating and creating -- has always been a struggle. Patti Smith was homeless when she moved to New York City, and Vincent Van…
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Calendar, Night&Day Before Harvey's Time

Before Harvey's Time

Harvey Milk was the first openly gay elected politician in the nation, but he wasn't the first openly gay person to run for office. In 1961, more than a decade before Milk's election, Jose Sarria ran for supervisor in San…
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Calendar, Night&Day Trans National

Trans National

The Transgender Film Festival celebrates its big 1-0 this year, (congratulations to indefatigable artistic director Shawna Virago!) and contributions to the gender-expanding movie party have arrived from Thailand, Scotland, the Netherlands, and many other lands. That includes ours: Taking a…
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Calendar, Night&Day Redirecting Ophelia

Redirecting Ophelia

A girl in a long dress floats motionless in a forest pool, flowers drifting on the surface of the water around her. Her eyes are glassy in death, and she radiates tragic beauty: John Everett Millais' Ophelia is one of…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Dance Production <i>Sex, Love, Money</i> Takes on All Sides of Marriage

Dance Production Sex, Love, Money Takes on All Sides of Marriage

The reasons for marrying are probably as numerous as the marriages out there. Why do so many people choose to (legally) bind themselves to other humans for life? It means putting up with another's weird habits and Republican in-laws and…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Series Takes Laughable Look at Large Letdowns

Series Takes Laughable Look at Large Letdowns

Disappointment, shame, desperation, and embarrassment: This is the stuff of great storytelling, subjects as engaging for the audience as they are uncomfortable for the teller to recount. Laced with humor of the blackest variety, "Funny Little Stories About Big Disappointments,"…
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