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Culture, The Exhibitionist Tourism for Locals: <i>Fancy Animal Carnival</i> Prances at Civic Center Plaza

Tourism for Locals: Fancy Animal Carnival Prances at Civic Center Plaza

San Francisco lives in a bubble all its own. Our surroundings are fantastical and bright—thus always evoking an image of city of perpetually effulgent color, despite the enclosing fog cover. Now, for the time being, there's another artist adding…
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Calendar, Night&Day Save the Planet!

Save the Planet!

This year, much of San Joaquin Valley, California's top agricultural producing region, looks like a dustbowl. Despite California's history of drought, it's impossible to avoid thinking about last month's report from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which…
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Calendar, Night&Day Surprising Roommates

Surprising Roommates

The gulf between the haves and the have-nots has widened lately into an unbreachable chasm, the dream of a plot of land demarcated by a picket fence not only a cliché but a radical hallucination in a city where…
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Calendar, Night&Day Best of This World

Best of This World

In 1970, it would’ve been difficult to imagine local governments competing for the title of Greenest City. But green is the new black, and San Francisco is number one! In 2011, we recycled or composted 80 per cent of our…
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Calendar, Night&Day Tricks and Treats

Tricks and Treats

You know you’ve lost your outlaw status when the corporate sponsors roll in, and so it is with extreme sports. Gone are the days of rough and tumble bike messengers killing time at Montgomery station, San Francisco architects hating on…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Top 5 Places to Watch the 2012 Olympics

Top 5 Places to Watch the 2012 Olympics

Whether you're American, British, Russian, Australian, French, Jamaican, or any of the other 199 nationalities participating in the Olympics this year, you could be one of the millions biting their nails over how to kick off the London 2012 Games.…
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Calendar, Night&Day U.S.Gay!


The theme of the 42nd Annual San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade is “Global Equality.” It’s a smart statement of inclusiveness for what has come to be the world’s largest and most visible gathering of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and…
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Calendar, Night&Day Much Ado About the Planet

Much Ado About the Planet

Over the years Earth Day has been criticized as ferment for anti-human pessimism or, worse, an opportunity for companies to “greenwash” their brands — which is to say, pay lip service to environmental concerns while doing nothing. Such complaints whither…
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Calendar, Night&Day Green Is the New Black

Green Is the New Black

California is home to about 4 million Irish Americans, roughly a quarter of whom reside in the Bay Area. Today the West Coast’s largest celebration of that heritage -- the San Francisco’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival -- begins…
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News, The Snitch Forget About Gadflies. City Hall Now Has Its Own Iguana.

Forget About Gadflies. City Hall Now Has Its Own Iguana.

San Francisco's has always been one of the more exotic of American political bestiaries, so perhaps it's only appropriate that Civic Center Plaza is now the preferred stomping grounds of a large lizard.The Lizard-at-Large is named Draco. SF Weekly Staff…
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News, The Snitch Man Completes S.F. Public Reading of 'Finnegans Wake' in 29 Hours, 15 Minutes -- Nobody Knows Why

Man Completes S.F. Public Reading of 'Finnegans Wake' in 29 Hours, 15 Minutes -- Nobody Knows Why

​Several minutes before 6 p.m. yesterday in Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco writer Lars Russell read the final sentence of James Joyce's hilariously incomprehensible novel, Finnegan's Wake. Then, still gripping the tome, he executed a forward flip into the shrubbery, inadvertently ripping the…
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