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News, The Snitch Yesterday's Crimes: Squeaky Fromme, Charles Manson, & Assassination Attempts

Yesterday's Crimes: Squeaky Fromme, Charles Manson, & Assassination Attempts

Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr. became vice president when then-VP Spiro Agnew resigned in disgrace on Oct. 10, 1973 following a bribery scandal. Ford became president less than a year later when Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace following a number of…
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News, The Snitch Yesterday's Crimes: A Summer of Dismembered Drug Dealers in the Haight

Yesterday's Crimes: A Summer of Dismembered Drug Dealers in the Haight

It was barely August, and the Summer of Love was already getting ugly. I'm not just talking about pools of vomit on the corner of Clayton Street and raging cases of gonorrhea. No, the ugly I'm talking about involves…
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Music, All Shook Down Uncle Acid’s Kevin Starrs on Touring with Black Sabbath

Uncle Acid’s Kevin Starrs on Touring with Black Sabbath

In the space of five short years, British psychedelic doomsayers Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats have risen from a fledgling project to become one of the more celebrated modern metal exports from the U.K. Founded by principle songwriter Kevin…
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Calendar, Night&Day Torturous Wait

Torturous Wait

Jim Van Bebber's film The Manson Family, about the sycophantic cult that sprang up around Charles Manson in the 1960s, is disturbing and convincing in its evocation of that specific and deeply unsettling milieu – a time and place where…
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Calendar, Night&Day Daytime Trauma

Daytime Trauma

Simon Rumley’s revenge-triangle flick, Red White & Blue, has the dense dramatic content of a soap-opera plot. But instead of gazing intensely, the beleaguered characters reach for knives and duct tape. The style is haute-horror in a grungy Austin setting:…
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News, Feature Killer Groupie Samantha Spiegel

Killer Groupie Samantha Spiegel

A YOUNG WOMAN IN BLACK descends a winding staircase in an Academy of Art dormitory in San Francisco's Pacific Heights. Her dark, wavy hair bounces atop her small frame as she glides out the door and into a warm,…
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Music, All Shook Down New LP of Lost Songs from Charles Manson Pal Bobby BeauSoleil

New LP of Lost Songs from Charles Manson Pal Bobby BeauSoleil

From this week's issue of SF Weekly:The sunny, halcyon days of the 1960s have been shoved down our collective throats with every Woodstock anniversary and baby boomer film reveling in the music of the times. In the handwritten notes by…
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Calendar, Night&Day Bark Ode

Bark Ode

Scott Blake's "Barcode Art" looks interesting -- it uses the icon of consumer-goods identification to create portraits of cultural icons. Just don't go to his Web site. It's a mess. But the guy's an artist, not a Web designer, so…
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Music, Record Dork

Record Dork

OK, so I'll fess up to possessing a real fascination with cults. I once owned David Koresh's Voice of Fire, but I sold it because Koresh sounded like a second-rate Jackson Browne. However, the same cannot be said of Charles…
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Calendar, Night&Day English Invasion

English Invasion

The Golden Arches emblazoned with "Phat Food" and the jaillike columns of the Supreme Court pictured with the slogan "Your Apathy Is Our Strength" -- these are just two of the "refaced" billboards found in the boroughs of New York…
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News, Feature Lucifer, Arisen

Lucifer, Arisen

Bobby BeauSoleil bounds into the visiting room at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute in Pendleton, Ore. His 5-foot-10-inch frame is thin, but he moves with a puffed-out chest and a swaggering stride that make him seem bigger. At 57, BeauSoleil has…
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Calendar, Night&Day

This Week's Day-by-Day Picks

Wednesday, July 30, 2003 Girls just want to have fun, and the city's newest collective wants to lend, um, a hand. The sex-positive people at the nation's first worker-owned and -operated peep show are rarin' to go, and the "Lusty…
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Music, Reviewed D-Styles


In an age when albums by hip hop DJs seem to downplay turntablist techniques in favor of a mash-up mix-tape aesthetic, D-Styles takes a bold dive into uncharted waters with his debut album, Phantazmagorea. The former Invisibl Skratch Pikl (and…
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Music, The Frogs

The Frogs

In 1968, Charles Manson claimed that the Beatles' "White Album" was actually a blueprint for a race war that would trigger the apocalypse. While the Beatles were upset by this bizarre interpretation of their work, the Frogs might yet inspire…
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Calendar, Night&Day Digital Dystopias

Digital Dystopias

It's too bad -- and also hard to believe -- that Ian Kerkhof isn't an American. He'd have made an ideal fifth member of the infamous "NEA Four." The sensibility evident in his films, with their mix of digital technology,…
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Dog Bites

Merge This For months, opponents of the merger of the UCSF and Stanford medical centers -- notably, the unions representing workers at UCSF -- made only halting and ineffective attempts to publicize their arguments against the move. But when UC…
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