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Culture, The Exhibitionist <i>The Odyssey</i> on Angel Island Provides an Odyssey of Its Own

The Odyssey on Angel Island Provides an Odyssey of Its Own

For the We Players, all the world is truly a stage -- or at least the Bay Area is. The site-specific theater company brings drama to dramatic public spaces: Macbeth at Fort Point, Hamlet on Alcatraz, The Odyssey on a…
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Calendar, Night&Day Angel Islanders

Angel Islanders

One hundred years ago, the big island in San Francisco Bay was the West Coast detention point for all immigrants arriving in the U.S. And because 1911 was only 20 years past the Gold Rush -- Deadwood fans, think about…
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News, The Snitch Unusual Band of Tourists to Descend Upon Angel Island

Unusual Band of Tourists to Descend Upon Angel Island

In an example of priming the pump that has nothing to do with John Maynard Keynes, a national group of tourism professionals has arranged for hundreds of folks to take a trip to Angel Island on Friday. It's them: The…
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News, The Snitch How Many 100th Anniversaries Does Angel Island Have?

How Many 100th Anniversaries Does Angel Island Have?

Angel Island -- The Ellis Island of the west, only with lots more overt anti-Asian racism and forced detentions -- will be celebrating a birthday this weekend. The 100th anniversary of the Angel Island Immigration Station will be marked by…
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Calendar, Night&Day Island of Hope, Island of Tears

Island of Hope, Island of Tears

In popular American literature of the 19th century, Chinese immigrants were often characterized as obeisant, illiterate, and sexless. The truth — at once passionate, courageous, beautiful, and heartbreaking — could be found scratched into the wooden walls of Angel Island…
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News, The Snitch Coming To America -- 100 New Citizens Sworn-In Downtown

Coming To America -- 100 New Citizens Sworn-In Downtown

Considering the years of paperwork, legal wrangling, and leaping through hoops many of the would-be American citizens sitting this morning in San Francisco's Herbst Theater had suffered through, the government's last obstacle was hardly a chore: Two hours of speechifying.…
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Best of San Francisco, Sports & Recreation

Best Sailing School

Summer's a month away and the beautiful blue bay beckons. You've always wanted to hop aboard one of those sleek boats packed with all those happy-looking people and scud off to Angel Island for a picnic. Two problems: You have…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Switched On

Switched On

SAT 12/6 You'd think Santa would be pretty busy with his big day coming up. But it's a whole new millennium, and the jolly old guy is probably kicking back on his schooner while he outsources his list-making to a…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Paddling Around

Paddling Around

SAT 10/18 It's a giant kayak party! Everyone who can grab a paddle and sit down is invited to get in the water at the Sea Trek Regatta & ETC Adventurers' Paddle-a-thon. In fact, if organizers have their way, a…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Flex Appeal

Flex Appeal

SUN 9/21 Island flora, check. Sweeping bay views, check. Hundreds of fine-physiqued queers gleefully involved in their athletic passions, check. Are we on Lesbos? Fire Island? Oh yes, the chill ocean breeze reminds us -- we're working out at Lesbigay…
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Calendar, Performance The Lady Lily

The Lady Lily

FRI 9/12 Lily Tomlin is nuts, and I mean that in a good way. Whether she's playing a devoted, gospel-singing mother-cum-adulterer in Nashville or one of three administrative assistants-cum-kidnappers in Nine to Five (though I must admit to liking her…
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Best of San Francisco, People & Places

Best Place to Forget the Other 49 States

The world seems to grow sweeter step by step as you hike to the top of Telegraph Hill. The noise of the city fades away, and you become more aware of birds, flowers, and sky. At the summit, the panorama…
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Summer Guide, Summer At Play on the Bay

At Play on the Bay

When it comes to summertime, this East Coast transplant gets nostalgic for beach culture -- warm evenings in halter tops and shorts, dining on lobster tails and fried clams, and frolicking in the surf on the beaches of Cape Cod.…
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Summer Guide, Summer

At Play on the Bay (If You Go...)

Robert Gray Charters (888) 316-9378 (415) 235-7878 Day and overnight maritime history tours, gourmet food tours and Alaska Inside Passage cruises on a 120-ft tugboat. The Hawaiian Chieftain 331-3214 Sunset sails, Sunday brunch sails, and Saturday adventure sails,…
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Best of San Francisco, Arts & Entertainment

Best Tour of the Bay

Your parents have dropped in for a surprise visit, and they want to see what the bay looks like from the water, say from one of those tour boats. Luckily, you planned ahead: You bought extra tickets for the Bulletproof…
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Calendar, Night&Day The Other Alcatraz

The Other Alcatraz

For nearly 80 years, many Chinese immigrants were barred from entering the country through the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, the first law to bar people from this country on the basis of race or national origin. To circumvent the…
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News, Bay View Airing Old Secrets

Airing Old Secrets

Bay Area artist Flo Wong was born in Oakland during the 1930s, and grew up with what she calls a "currency of secrecy." Her family, like many Chinese immigrants of the early 1900s, used secrets and lies to circumvent the…
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Calendar, Night&Day

Yee, Verily

It wasn't until Byron Yee auditioned for the film role of a Chinese restaurateur -- a part he lost because he couldn't speak broken English well enough -- that he began to really ponder his own Chinese ancestry. Up to…
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