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Calendar, Urban Experience Du Right

Du Right

ONGOING 11/30-3/5/2006 After spending a year in jail for his involvement in China's pro-democratic protests, Wang Du moved to Paris, where he was confronted by the West's great cultural export: the media. Speaking no French, he was struck by the…
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Calendar, Urban Experience A Thrilling Death

A Thrilling Death

ONGOING 11/23-12/31 I first saw Grigor and Valentyna Paylevanyan in a burst of staccato images glimpsed through unabashed double takes (they are dwarfs, and I am rude) as they huddled on the Third Street Bridge, unfathomably thrilled by the brackish…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Structured Cinema

Structured Cinema

WED-THURS 11/16-17 Single shots, the building blocks of film, mass into palaces or collapse into rubble depending on the mortaring skills of the filmmaker/ architect. San Francisco's Jay Rosenblatt practices the homelier art of collage, in which he assembles bricks…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Fight Club

Fight Club

WED 11/9 Battling Retief Goosen at Pebble Beach for three hours while incurring weirdly persistent left-hand numbness is hardly revolutionary. But I was on my bed, playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour on the PSP, and that makes me part of…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Cat Food

Cat Food

ONGOING 11/5-12/3 Art that attempts to give animals a voice is a noble endeavor, but these misshapen critters look like a Disney-loving kid's worst nightmares. "Why Not Eat Your Pet" is a series of exhibitions by artist Gale Hart, who…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Mad Doodling

Mad Doodling

ONGOING 10/26-3/12/06 Growing up, I never even held a stack of comics, to say nothing of reading issues by flashlight or protecting them in mylar. Free of nostalgia, I've up to now been immune to the constant yammering of…
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Calendar, Urban Experience No Mere <i>Novelty</i>

No Mere Novelty

FRI 10/21 Like many of Chris Ware's comics, The ACME Novelty Library demands a close reading, preferably using a magnifying glass and a xenon light. The minuscule text is produced by the "amazing precision of Asian printing technology," as Ware…
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Calendar, Urban Experience A Sinful Score

A Sinful Score

THURS 10/13 Bay Area silent-film fans, long used to showy solos by organists who play "I've Been Working on the Railroad" every time a train appears, or to pianists who offer variations on the same theme no matter what the…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Street Theater

Street Theater

FRI-SAT 10/7-8 San Francisco's Tenderloin is home to more than just the clank of hooker heels. It's a thriving place for art, too, and much of that is owed to the Luggage Store. Founded by local artists and residents who…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Uprooted


ONGOING 9/29-1/3 In the early 19th century, Lewis & Clark tramped thousands of miles to the Oregon coast, opening the land for exploration and domination. And 200 years later, photographer Robert Adams revisited their trails, capturing what civilization has been…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Mad Bombers

Mad Bombers

SAT 9/24 The graffiti artists in the documentary Infamy could spend the entire film bitching about the art world's limp interest and no one would bat an eye. But they don't, because for these people -- the form's marquee names…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Crossing the Threshold

Crossing the Threshold

SAT-SUN 9/17-18 Properly viewing architecture can be a poor aesthetic experience: You might be arrested for home invasion, for one, or hounded during an open house about the correlation between your footwear and your financial holdings. This weekend, however, "AIA…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Punk Rock Chores

Punk Rock Chores

SUN 9/11 Anyone who's been to a show at 924 Gilman Street has probably wondered: Who cleans up at the "punkest place on Earth"? Is there a crusty janitor at the all-volunteer, all-ages club? A place that's been open for…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

ONGOING 9/1-30 In Ada Sadler's "Bathtubbie" series, she photographed and then painted, in exquisite detail, small, square portraits of simple tub toys (duckies and froggies) perched on the lips of sinks. It was whimsical, but perhaps too whimsical? Problem solved…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Bombs Away!

Bombs Away!

WED-SAT 8/24-27 In the group show "Social Insecurity: The Future Ain't What It Used to Be," the frequency of the eternal absolutes, conflict and war, underscores the irony in the title: The future evoked is exactly like it used to…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Trust <i>Bush</i>

Trust Bush

WED 8/17 My underwear says "Property of M. Leaverton." Periel Aschenbrand's says "The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own." Granted, she has the better garment, good enough to wear outside the Republican National Convention, which she did in…
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Calendar, Urban Experience The Writing on the Wall

The Writing on the Wall

TUES 8/16 We see graffiti all over town, from compelling, murallike political manifestoes to highly stylized tags. In fact, the new Central Freeway overpass -- not even completed -- is already covered with vibrant swaths of paint. While there's no…
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Calendar, Urban Experience The Medium Matters

The Medium Matters

ONGOING 8/6-8/31 It's really a shame that we frequent art galleries as much as we do, particularly when genius is so apparent in the abstract, outside-the-lines masterpieces that 7-year-old kids drag home with them every day. Curator Brion Nuda Rosch…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Lonely Girls

Lonely Girls

FRI-SAT 7/29-30 It's an old, familiar premise -- a woman waits alone by the phone on a Friday night, the tragic hum of the television, computer, or refrigerator her only company. Choreographers Joan Bruemmer and Krista DeNio play on the…
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Calendar, Urban Experience Expo Sure

Expo Sure

FRI-SUN 7/22-24 Ever since Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre experimented with the effects of light upon translucent paintings back in the 1820s, modern photography has upped the ante on shot-worthy subjects. When this art form was just a glimmer on the horizon of…
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