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News, Night Crawler Last Crawl

Last Crawl

The shortest distance between two points is not a very interesting journey. -- Rube Goldberg The longest part of the journey is said to be the passing of the gate. -- Marcus Terentius Varro This journey begins with a nose.…
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News, Night Crawler Child's Play

Child's Play

The sound of distant applause and laughter rises on the wind, causing shallow wrinkles in the heavy silence hanging over the southeastern edge of Hunters Point. The wedge of a yellow-orange moon spreads slowly across the San Francisco Bay as…
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News, Night Crawler One Taste of the Spirit

One Taste of the Spirit

The crowd -- pale, soft, and mostly clad in black -- whoops and howls as Roxy Shocks paces the room like an overstimulated nymphomaniac with an anxiety disorder. "It's now or never," croons Elvis Presley over the PA. "Come hold…
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News, Night Crawler Bastille Day Sade

Bastille Day Sade

It is said that in July 1789 the Marquis de Sade cried out that his fellow inmates were being tortured and killed behind the high walls of the Bastille. Less than two weeks later, rioters stormed the royal penitentiary and…
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News, Night Crawler Sea of Salvation

Sea of Salvation

Taking a morning stroll along the water's edge of the Salton Sea is not a Hallmark experience. The white sun blazes across the Imperial Valley basin, its strength and glare redoubled by reflections off the bleached white shore -- comprised…
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News, Night Crawler Ball of Shame

Ball of Shame

"It was called 'war ball' at my school," explains Andrew Flurry as we tool toward Golden Gate Park for the opening game of the San Francisco Bombardment Society. The flicker of long-buried, unwanted memory darkens his big blue eyes. "We…
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News, Night Crawler Vroom-Vroom


In the summer of 1905, less than a year after its formation, the San Francisco Motorcycle Club held its first run, a five-mile journey from the clubhouse on Market Street to the hilltop overlooking Daly City, by way of Mission…
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News, Night Crawler <i>Voil&agrave;</i> &#150; the Magic Castle

Voilà – the Magic Castle

Despite the well-manicured bushes and steep driveway, the pale Victorian cupolas can be seen from Franklin Boulevard, framed by palm trees, rising against the foot of the Hollywood hills. At night, the old mansion lights up like an amusement park…
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News, Night Crawler Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions

"To the beginner the choices are few, to the expert the choices are many." -- from The Trio of Hands (1962) by Wojek Smallsoa. According to the World RPS Society, its antecedent, the Paper Scissors Stone Club, was founded in…
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News, Night Crawler Orphans of Beauty

Orphans of Beauty

I am standing in front of an elegant bird cage, staring through the gilt bars. There is a gas flame trapped inside, a flame the color of molten amethyst with bright red filaments burning at its center, and it is…
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News, Night Crawler Death Valley Night

Death Valley Night

Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. -- Miriam Beard Death Valley Junction is a whisper in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Thirty…
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News, Night Crawler Restoration Project

Restoration Project

It is a gorgeous Sunday morning in lower Polk Gulch. I squint into the dazzling sunlight, absent-mindedly scraping last night's blue greasepaint residue from behind my ears, and try to reasonably assess the situation across the street. I am quite…
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News, Night Crawler Night of the Lively Dead

Night of the Lively Dead

Gonna step on your head, gonna break your bones Gonna rip your eyes out from their holes I'm gonna get you baby Don't try to give me your excuse I just wanna get back at you I want your brain…
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News, Night Crawler Truly, We Have Risen

Truly, We Have Risen

It's Good Friday, and there are bunnies hopping through my neighborhood passing out Peeps. "Easter," states Morgan DeAngelis with all the conviction of a 27-year-old law student. "It's not just for kids and Catholics anymore. No, sir." DeAngelis shoves a…
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News, Night Crawler A Bacon and Ants <i>Sandwich</i>, Please

A Bacon and Ants Sandwich, Please

A very small fan has been diabolically positioned in front of the hotplate to spread the smell of bacon throughout the Exit Theatre. I am hungry, and the smell is maddening. I try to pay attention to the buffalo, the…
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News, Night Crawler Bot of Course, My Dear

Bot of Course, My Dear

The sound of combat robots is unmistakable: the high-pitched scream of vertical saw blades dragging across metal hulls; the ominous hiss and thud of hydraulic hammers finding purchase against the arena floor; the shriek of bolts straining beyond their manufacturer's…
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News, Night Crawler Art From War

Art From War

"You should know that man," says Cory McAbee over the din of Café Du Nord's main bar. "He has balls of steel. Balls of steel, I tell you." There is nothing about the man-with-the-questionable-cullions to set him apart from the…
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News, Night Crawler Prom Night: The Sequel

Prom Night: The Sequel

I dated the prom queen when I was your age. She was the first girl I stuck my tongue in. -- from Kids I'm nervous. I should be. More to the point, I want to be. It's prom night. I…
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News, Night Crawler Reclamation Project

Reclamation Project

"Love freely!" proclaims Tigger, a 24-year-old candy-hued pirate punk with bright pink dreads and a bright pink skull-faced heart-and-crossbones emblazoned across the back of her frayed asphalt-gray jean jacket. The graphically brilliant insignia -- at once a menacing valentine and…
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News, Night Crawler Floating Into the Netherworld

Floating Into the Netherworld

"Maybe we're dead," suggests my companion hopefully. Our small vessel glides over the inky black skin of the bay. Silent. Effortless. Dreamlike. I rest the paddle against my thighs and run a gloved hand across the surface of the water,…
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