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News, Bay View Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

Boris Delepine was optimistic as he drove out of the Excelsior District toward City Hall on election night last December. A full-time volunteer for mayoral aspirant Matt Gonzalez, Delepine, 31, had spent the evening in a final flurry of campaigning…
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News, Bay View Dead Man Running

Dead Man Running

"Excuse me, sir, have you heard of Dennis Kucinich?" The young man in the Abercrombie & Fitch sweat shirt glanced down at the flier being offered to him on Muni. He smiled vaguely at Hillsman Heath, the young woman doing…
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News, Bay View Bugging Out

Bugging Out

Facing a court challenge, the U.S. Department of Energy has delayed plans for a controversial biodefense lab at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. But DOE officials insist that a similar "hot lab" intended for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory…
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News, Bay View Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times

It's been nearly two years since the passage of Proposition G, the anti-billboard measure supported by 77 percent of San Francisco voters, and in that time, the city has remained mostly untouched by the kind of large-scale signs that some…
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News, Bay View Settling Things Quietly

Settling Things Quietly

As part of a secret settlement with a whistle-blower priest authorized by San Francisco Archbishop William J. Levada more than a year ago, the church acknowledged, however grudgingly, that Father John Conley had acted properly in reporting to police a…
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News, Bay View Parking Break

Parking Break

It's 10:42 a.m. on a Tuesday, and a street sweeper has just taken its best shot at removing grime and God knows what else from an uninterrupted stretch of San Francisco curb. The empty space beckons you to pull your…
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News, Bay View Plugged


San Francisco's beleaguered Elections Commission, ridiculed as ineffectual in advancing instant runoff voting, once again has been hit by controversy, this time over allegations that its vice president, Michael Mendelson, may have illegally endorsed the man who appointed him –…
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News, Bay View Making Nice

Making Nice

After months of foot-dragging and finger-pointing, San Francisco elections officials – with a boost from California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley – at last appear ready and willing to get an instant runoff voting system up and running in time…
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News, Bay View A Fine Mess

A Fine Mess

At 11:38 on the morning of July 25, Blake Manning, a 23-year-old 7-Eleven clerk, awoke to what sounded like a rushing waterfall in the Presidio apartment he shared with two roommates. "Dark water was spewing from the seal between the…
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News, Bay View Dumping Sophie

Dumping Sophie

Recall fever has hit southeastern San Francisco, where some constituents of Supervisor Sophie Maxwell are collecting signatures for her ouster. The District 10 Alliance, a newly formed group of citizens from Bayview and Potrero Hill, charges that Maxwell has ignored…
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News, Bay View Water on the Brain

Water on the Brain

Buried in the avalanche of rhetoric in this fall's mayoral race is one of the more interesting ideas to emerge from local politics in some time: harnessing tidal movements in San Francisco Bay to meet the city's electricity needs. Its…
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News, Bay View Glowing Review

Glowing Review

Sculptors who are members of the Point, an artist community at the former Hunters Point Shipyard, have been notified that the building where they've been working -- in some cases for years -- is contaminated with radioactive materials, and they'll…
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News, Bay View Connerly's Con

Connerly's Con

Anticipating vociferous opposition that could sink him politically, UC Regent Ward Connerly attached a laundry list of exemptions to his Proposition 54, an initiative on the Oct. 7 ballot designed to prevent the state from collecting racial data. Among the…
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News, Bay View Archbishop's Thorn

Archbishop's Thorn

A Roman Catholic priest who openly resisted San Francisco Archbishop William J. Levada's order that he step aside as pastor of a Belmont church after he was accused of sexual misconduct has been reassigned to lesser duties in a San…
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News, Bay View Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences

Beginning last January, right-wing San Francisco radio talk show host Melanie Morgan gleefully began throwing her wattage behind the gathering movement to recall Gov. Gray Davis. Morgan, co-host of the KSFO-AM (560) Morning Show, invited a string of conservative Republican…
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News, Bay View Zoned Out

Zoned Out

The dedication that begins Red Zone, billed on its blood-colored cover as "the behind-the-scenes story of the San Francisco dog mauling," gives the first hint that the next 300 pages are bound to be a little kooky. "To Diane Alexis…
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News, Bay View Holy War on the Peninsula

Holy War on the Peninsula

A Roman Catholic priest accused of sexual impropriety is openly resisting San Francisco Archbishop William J. Levada's order that he step aside as pastor in Belmont. "I have rights, too," Father Daniel Carter, 52, tells SF Weekly. "He asked…
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News, Bay View Bickering Bikram

Bickering Bikram

It is minutes before the 5:30 p.m. Bikram yoga class at Funky Door Yoga on Polk Street, and about three dozen students have taken their places in a sparse, sunlit studio. They sit cross-legged on mats or lie in restful…
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News, Bay View Damn, That Hurts!

Damn, That Hurts!

As Jakub Plichta toed the starting line, he tried to prepare himself for the impending agony. There would be shinsplints and shooting knee pain. There would be too many muscle cramps to count. And there would be that seemingly insurmountable…
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News, Bay View Former Pimp Laid Low

Former Pimp Laid Low

James Robinson, a vice president in the labor union that represents Municipal Railway drivers, was suspended from office earlier this month following the publication of an SF Weekly story that detailed his past as a pimp and his rise in…
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