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Dining, Eat Eat: Newest Neighbor, Corridor

Eat: Newest Neighbor, Corridor

It's a little hard to get excited about a restaurant group. Like when a car commercial boasts that a mid-size sedan is the "best in its segment," it's a bit too dry of a concept to really give anyone goosebumps.…
Dining, Eat

Future Repasts: A Dinner Party With Nothing to Eat

The way my dinner coats the glass makes it look a lot like Elmer's glue. I expect it to taste like a chalky-grainy slurry with an unpleasant chemical aftertaste, but the burgeoning consensus at the table is that the texture…
Dining, Eat Bitchin' Comer: El Buen Comer

Bitchin' Comer: El Buen Comer

It's impossible not to smile along with a menu that says, "You probably know what a taco is? If not, ask!" Earnestness on that scale is a winning move, and El Buen Comer, a 2-month-old, family-run Mexican restaurant in Bernal…
Dining, Eat Oaxaca-torium: Oakland's Agave Uptown

Oaxaca-torium: Oakland's Agave Uptown

When you're approaching a Mexican cantina, you know what you're in for the second you open the door: a great big fiesta involving sombreros pinned to the wall, mariachi music blasting from the sound system, hitting your head on a…
Dining, Eat Eat: Tratto

Eat: Tratto

Maybe it's because the Italian-inflected seafood restaurants at the Wharf sucked up all the oxygen, but it's always struck me as unusual that Union Square has so few Italian restaurants. With very few exceptions — Fino on Post Street comes…
Dining, Eat Bar: Barebottle Brew Co.

Bar: Barebottle Brew Co.

The real estate market is so tight, but who knew San Francisco had tons of huge, vacant properties lying around? When it came time to find a home for their brewery, homebrewer Michael Seitz — and his partners Lester Koga…
Dining, Eat Eat: In Situ

Eat: In Situ

Just as big-budget disaster movies ratchet up the destruction to a planet-wide scale, kitchen ambition almost has to vault into the stratosphere to stand out. Or it does now that Corey Lee's In Situ is open on the ground floor…
Dining, Eat A Peat Primer: Learning to Appreciate Scotch

A Peat Primer: Learning to Appreciate Scotch

Like all great things in life, Scotch is often misunderstood. An alarming number of casual drinkers actually fear the liquid, assuming it to be a smoky spirit, its flavor akin to licking the working end of a chimney. This unshakable…
Dining, Eat Eat: Tawla

Eat: Tawla

There aren't too many islands off of California, and apart from a few marine animals — salmon and oysters, mainly — California cuisine looks away from the coast toward the interior, however artificially verdant and unsustainable that agricultural juggernaut may…
Dining, Eat Bye To Bing

Bye To Bing

Unless there are more I don't know about, there is a trifecta of sexually suggestive artworks hanging prominently in three dive bars around town: the lady with her boobs out in High Tide, the guy getting mounted by a lion…
Dining, Eat Eat: LocoL Time

Eat: LocoL Time

Note: After running it by some friends whose judgment I trust, this story has been updated to delete a self-deprecating passage that struck some readers as being in poor taste. Errors of clarity fall on the writer, so I apologize:…
Dining, Eat Bar: Laughing Monk Brewery

Bar: Laughing Monk Brewery

I never know what to make of the specter of medieval monks who brewed beer. It's easy to conjure up images of jolly, self-contained communities of men whistling as they worked or clinking steins at communal tables under a crucifix.…
Dining, Eat Eat: Bellota

Eat: Bellota

Neither a proper tapas restaurant nor strictly a seafood spot, Bellota has a cryptically structured menu that's a little bit of a grab bag of Spanish cuisine. It's easier to over-order here than at most places — especially if you…
Dining, Eat Bar: Drink Your Heroin at The Barbary Coast

Bar: Drink Your Heroin at The Barbary Coast

If you set out on a quest to find San Francisco's Barbary Coast, the chances that you'll end up sipping a barrel-aged cocktail beneath a fig tree in North Beach are good, but not great. You're just as likely to…
Dining, Eat Eat: ATwater Tavern

Eat: ATwater Tavern

San Francisco's waterfront is home to a motley crew of bars and restaurants, no doubt about it. The Hi Dive and the inimitable Red's Java House have never lost their spark, and the projected redevelopment of Crane Cove Park in…
Dining, Eat Bar: Pacific Cocktail Haven

Bar: Pacific Cocktail Haven

Kevin Diedrich has a resume like few other San Francisco mixologists. Having worked at the ill-fated BDK, as well as at Jasper's Corner Tap and the Burritt Room, he's done a stint at a sizable number of Union Square cocktail…
Dining, Eat Eat: Basalt

Eat: Basalt

Of all the rocks that emerge from volcanic eruptions, basalt might be the least sexy. Granite is crucial to monumental architecture, pumice is like a calcified kitchen sponge good for exfoliating, and glassy black obsidian is mesmerizing (especially when it…
Dining, Eat Bar: SPiN

Bar: SPiN

Since my straight younger brother was game enough to hang out at the Eagle beer bust with me when he visited San Francisco, I thought I would repay him with a night at SPiN, the ping-pong lounge in SoMa that…
Dining, Eat Eat: 3rd Cousin

Eat: 3rd Cousin

Six months after its opening, 3rd Cousin had yet to make much of a splash. Chef Greg Lutes — of the now-shuttered Lot 7, and highly regarded restaurants in Chicago and New York before that — operated a well-liked pop-up…
Dining, Eat

Bar: Whiskey Tasting at Seven Stills

Three years ago, Clint Potter was storing dozens of bottles of homemade whiskey in his bedroom. Now, the cofounder of San Francisco distillery Seven Stills has opened a dedicated tasting room in the Bayview — the first hard alcohol tasting…