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News, Sucka Free City Convicted Embezzler Linda Simwa Cons SF Symphony, UCSF

Convicted Embezzler Linda Simwa Cons SF Symphony, UCSF

Nobody tells the whole truth on his or her résumé. Eager to land a new job, who among us hasn't omitted a firing here or a criminal conviction there? It's part of the grand charade known as the American workplace:…
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News, Sucka Free City

Court Coverage

The Chronicle has dispatched sports columnist Bruce Jenkins to New York this week to cover the U.S. Open. That gives the newspaper a presence at the final Grand Slam tennis event of the year, joining an estimated 14 kajillion other…
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News, Feature The War On Gangs

The War On Gangs

A police car rolls down Oakdale Avenue past a public housing complex as worn and ashen as a Dust Bowl barn. Broom still in hand, Tau Calo has stepped outside her ground-level apartment to cool off from sweeping its linoleum…
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Bipolar Bay Guardian Loves, Hates the de Young

You may have heard that a certain weekly paper will hold its annual Best of the Bay party at the de Young Museum tonight. This year's theme: Show Us Your Compromised Principles!…
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News, The Snitch

How Much Does It Cost To Be JT LeRoy?

Answer: $466,500. A Manhattan federal judge on Tuesday ordered Laura Albert, creator of the sexually ambiguous literary impostor, to pay $350,000 in legal fees to the New York film company that in June won a judgment against her for fraud.…
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News, Sucka Free City Albert's End

Albert's End

The clock continues to tick down on Laura Albert's 30 minutes of fame — that's 15 for her, 15 for her man-boy alter ego, JT LeRoy. But while LeRoy has retreated to the realm of delusion from whence he came,…
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An Ode to Chris Daly

He inspires admiration and disgust, hosannas and epithets. Now, Chris Daly, The World’s Most Polarizing Supe®, has inspired a song – sort of. El Greco, the local blogger behind Critical Cloud, has rewritten Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London” to lampoon…
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News, Feature Attorney Privilege

Attorney Privilege

Paul Weakland needed a lawyer. His girlfriend had obtained a restraining order against him after they quarreled. In Weakland's telling, upset over his reluctance to marry her, she claimed he posed a physical threat to her; he countered that she…
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Lawyers Behaving Badly

Attorneys presumably realize better than most the hazards of breaking the law. Yet over the last three years, at least two dozen Bay Area lawyers have walked into court not in their professional capacity, but as criminal defendants. Drunk driving…
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Fugitives No More -- Rebecca and Terry Solomon Arrested in Philippines

It appears that life on the lam has come to an end for our favorite Tiburon socialites-turned-fugitives, Rebecca and Terry Solomon. The couple, wanted by U.S. authorities for allegedly bilking some $20 million from Bay Area investors, was arrested in…
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News, Sucka Free City

Grave Injustice

This month's release of O'Millian's Dream, the debut disc of Max "Madd Maxx" Chenier, marks a high point in the local rapper's young career. Alas, anyone hoping to check out his next show won't have that chance — a gunman…
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As Wildfire Rages, Tom Stienstra Gives Blow Job to Self

And the award for Most Unseemly Example of Gloating Over An Accurate Prediction That Flames Would One Day Consume South Lake Tahoe goes to... Charlie Daniels! Er, we mean, Tom Stienstra!…
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News, The Snitch

Bruce Brugmann: The No-Fluff Zone

Last week we told you about an obvious goof on Bruce Brugmann by a judge in this year’s Association of Alternative Newsweeklies journalism awards contest. The Bay Guardian’s anti-union publisher/editor/Burl Ives stunt double posted his response to the item after…
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News, The Snitch

Get Your Smokin’ Hot Electricity News!

We’re sure you’ve heard that two power companies will cough up $84 million to cover their asses for their role in California’s energy crisis a few years back. And we’re sure we can guess your reaction: Forget about skanky celebs…
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News, The Snitch

The Bay Guardian’s Hands-On News Approach?

Every year the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, a national trade group to which SF Weekly and the Bay Guardian belong, holds a journalism awards contest for its 100-plus member papers. During AAN’s annual convention last week in Portland, winners were…
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News, The Snitch

Munging for a Good Cause

Last fall SF Weekly ran a story about a tres cool piece of skateboard art that hangs in the SFPD’s evidence room. When local artist Randall John read the piece and learned that police confiscate dozens of boards a year…
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News, The Snitch JT the Brick Alert: Here Comes Stupid

JT the Brick Alert: Here Comes Stupid

It’s bad enough that Giants fans have to watch a team whose play evokes the Apollo I launch-pad test while the ongoing disgrace that is Ol’ Moon Head chases Hank Aaron’s home run record. But this weekend, a day…
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News, The Snitch All Bonds, All the Time

All Bonds, All the Time

The Associated Press reports that ESPN and Fox may try to broadcast more Giants’ games as Ol’ Moon Head approaches Hank Aaron’s all-time home run mark. What does this mean for the nation’s Barry apologists, Barry bashers, and Barry…
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News, Feature Take the Money and Run

Take the Money and Run

Atop one of the tallest points in Tiburon stands a house that could be dubbed Hearst Castle North. Slender stone columns guard the front door of the 14,000-square-foot mansion, its tawny exterior accented by white-frame windows that look upon the…
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News, Sucka Free City Avoid the Noyes

Avoid the Noyes

KGO-TV's Dan Noyes has made a name for himself in this town by hounding Mayor Gavin Newsom. But it turns out that Noyes has his own antagonists. A couple of months ago the "Noyes Pollution" blog appeared, casting aspersions on…
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