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Ryan Blitstein

News, Feature Writing His Future

Writing His Future

"You can't understand." That's one of the first things Vulcan says. No matter how much time you spend in the artist's studio in the Mission District, no matter how many questions you ask, you'll never really get it, never get…
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News, Sucka Free City

Ask the Experts

"Is egoism the reason for human failure?" "Is there an afterlife such as heaven, hell, or reincarnation, or is there just a black nothingness after death?" "Do you need Service Pack 4 for Windows if you are exclusively surfing porn?"…
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News, Feature The Fix Isn't In

The Fix Isn't In

A flock of aides in suits and sunglasses follows Mayor Gavin Newsom, who strides up Griffith Street toward the wood-chipped landscape outside the Alice Griffith Opportunity Center, part of the Bayview housing project of the same name. Across the street,…
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News, Off of Site, Out of Mind

Off of Site, Out of Mind

What Gary Evans wants now, after years of promises and paperwork, are the keys to his house. In 2002, Evans and his wife Diane were approved for a town home in Bayview Hope Housing, a not-yet-built complex at 900 Gilman…
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News, Sucka Free City

Communism Lives

San Francisco and its surrounds have a long history of intentional communities, from the Haight-Ashbury's Kerista, the free-love commune that became Northern California's largest Apple computer dealer, to the less loving Manson Family home, just up the hill in Ashbury…
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News, Feature Pulp Friction

Pulp Friction

Anne Niven recognized the pattern. She'd been in the magazine business too long not to see it. The unanswered phone calls and e-mails. The frequent staff turnover. The promised checks that didn't arrive. Throughout last fall, Niven fielded story after…
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More Than Zero

A bizarre deck of playing cards, including the Ace of Goats and the Three of Ducks; dozens of foam kernels, pierced by paper clips, with random second-millennium dates written on their edges; newspaper headlines sliced and pasted into gibberish: "Ethiopians…
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News, Sucka Free City

I'd Like to Buy the World a Hyphy

These days, we can all use a little pick-me-up. And when it comes to energy drinks, everyone from local natural food companies to multinational beverage corporations is getting in on the action. To help you choose which one's right for…
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News, Feature A Study in Size

A Study in Size

Travis Fenech struts down the hallway of the June Jordan School for Equity in the Excelsior, copping the self-assured swagger of a rapper. His pants hang several inches below his waist, and a black leather jacket blankets his upper body.…
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Culture, Bookcap

East Wind, Rain

By Caroline Paul William Morrow (April), $23.95 In Caroline Paul's East Wind, Rain, native Hawaiians and Japanese-Americans struggle with the aftermath of a Japanese fighter pilot crash-landing on the island of Niihau in the hours after Pearl Harbor. The author…
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News, Should journalist Josh Wolf be afraid?

Should journalist Josh Wolf be afraid?

At times, Josh Wolf is a journalist. At others, he's a blogger, an activist, or an anarchist. At this particular time, one thing's for certain: He's got a videotape the federal government wants. The 23-year-old San Franciscan possesses a tape…
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News, Sucka Free City

Irrational Exubera

Just when you start to think that San Francisco's local TV news (other than KRON of course) isn't half bad, you find out that good old KPIX CBS 5 recently aired a news segment full of canned corporate drivel —…
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News, Feature Space, the Final Frontier

Space, the Final Frontier

It was still early morning when Matthew Passmore opened the door of his parents' half-broken minivan and planted his feet on the dusty floor of the New Mexico desert. A smattering of scrub brush grew up from the dirt and…
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News, Not for Sale by Owner

Not for Sale by Owner

In San Francisco's poorer neighborhoods, when most folks hear the word "developer," their ears perk up, and impromptu armies of residents form to fight against gentrification and to protect their community integrity. These same citizens often clash with corporations, pushing…
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Culture, Bookcap


By Alan Kaufman Back Bay (October 2005), $13.95 In San Francisco writer Alan Kaufman's semi-autobiographical novel, Nathan Falk, a young New Yorker, has enlisted in the Israeli army. The war against the Palestinians, though, isn't quite as simple as it…
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News, Dog Bites It Was Comic

It Was Comic

Last week at the Moscone Center, Peter David, self-proclaimed "Writer of Stuff," sat behind a table, chatting with fans at WonderCon. He wore a green polo shirt with bleach stains on one side and the standard comic-book-convention look of beard…
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News, Feature The Missing Man

The Missing Man

Today is Jerry Tang's 40th birthday, and his wife and children are here. So are his parents and sister, friends from as far back as elementary school, current co-workers, and colleagues from several jobs ago. But Jerry isn't in the…
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News, Feature Coming soon: The New Roxie

Coming soon: The New Roxie

Bill Banning's hair reaches up and out, like a wave breaking over his forehead. The crest of the tuft is so high, and the ceiling so low, that the two would almost meet, if Banning weren't ducking down as he…
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News, Feature Craig$


Craig Newmark's stubby fingers tap at the keyboard in an irregular, accelerating rhythm, akin to kernels in a microwave popcorn bag approaching peak heat. Clack. Click-clack. Click-ity-click-ity-click-ca-click-clack. Newmark peers into one of three computer monitors on his home office desk.…
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News, Feature The Little Animation Company That COULD

The Little Animation Company That COULD

One at a time, the technical directors trudged up the stairs to the top floor of a converted condo loft in the Mission and into Nina Rappaport's office. "Nina," they said, "we're on schedule to finish by July." July was…
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