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Culture, Summer Guide Summer Guide: Road Trip: Destination Nevada City

Summer Guide: Road Trip: Destination Nevada City

It's Mother's Day weekend and everybody in Nevada City seems to be pregnant. One radiant, round-bellied woman after another parades past the window of Ike's Quarter Cafe, a crunchy New Orleans-style diner where I'm nibbling on organic cornbread and gingered…
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Culture, Summer Guide Summer Guide: Pioneertown's Faux Frontier Paradise

Summer Guide: Pioneertown's Faux Frontier Paradise

ex•plor•er (ik-splawr-er), noun: a person or thing that explores. trailblazer. pathfinder. pioneer. Stand in front of the Jack Cass Saloon in Pioneertown at high noon under a cloudless sky, and it seems as if at any minute the heavy door…
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Culture, Summer Guide

Summer Guide: How to Get to Pioneertown

Getting there: Pioneertown is east of Palm Springs, about eight hours' drive from San Francisco. From Palm Springs, take Highway 62 east; after 20 miles, turn left onto Pioneertown Road and follow it for four miles until you arrive at…
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News, Special Feature: Resolution Guide

One woman's quest to live without products made in China

In a recent episode of The Office, Steve Carell's perennially clueless Michael Scott arrives at work suddenly concerned about China's imminent global economic takeover, picking various items up off the desks and reading the labels aloud in disgust: "Uh-huh: China.…
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Culture, Summer Guide Chill Out in Healdsburg

Chill Out in Healdsburg

Every summer from second to sixth grade, my mom loaded me and my sister into the back of her Isuzu I-Mark for a girls' getaway to the Russian River. The little house she rented came complete with a tin rowboat…
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Culture, Summer Guide


DIRECTIONS: Cross the Golden Gate Bridge and continue on Highway 101 about an hour to the Central Healdsburg exit. RENTAL PROPERTIES: Check the Vacation Rentals section on the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce's site for leads, some as low as $99…
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News, Special Feature: Resolution Guide Be Social IRL

Be Social IRL

I logged into Facebook, as I do every morning, and my news feed informed me that, overnight, seven of my friends had become fans of "Pretending to Text in Awkward Situations." Sure, at first it's funny — who among us…
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Music, Juan Son makes quirky Mexican pop

Juan Son makes quirky Mexican pop

Mexican pop star Juan Son has a vision for his new music video, but the fish markets in Guadalajara aren't cooperating. "We're trying to find lobsters that are alive, but they're all dead," he laments. Lifeless crustaceans are just the…
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Culture, Summer Guide A literary road trip up the Mendonoma coast

A literary road trip up the Mendonoma coast

A half-century ago, beatniks and hippies fatigued by the heaviness of the San Francisco scene began a northward migration toward a quieter life amid the redwoods. Artists and poets like Richard Brautigan, Joanne Kyger, Robert Creeley, and many who are…
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Music, An open letter to would-be Twitticians

An open letter to would-be Twitticians

Everybody from your publicist to your barber's kid sister is recommending you get on Twitter, 'cause Twitter is the new Facebook. And it's tempting: What's not to love about millions of people caring how you'll answer the question, "What are…
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News, Special Feature: Resolution Guide Work It Out

Work It Out

In a down economy, the little luxuries are always the first to go: the mani-pedis, the spa days, the pricey fitness club membership with the weekly personal training sessions. If only waistlines shrank along with GDP. Luckily there's no shortage…
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Music, Reviewed Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis

It's a challenge calling Jenny Lewis a true solo artist. Her first outing without Rilo Kiley featured accompaniment by the Watson Twins. Her second foray, Acid Tongue, has so many collaborators it almost doesn't qualify as a Jenny Lewis disc…
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Music, Reviewed Lady Dottie and the Diamonds

Lady Dottie and the Diamonds

Right out of the gate, Lady Dottie and the Diamonds' debut assaults you with loud garage drums; scrappy guitar licks; and big, husky vocals. The first four measures of this disc sound more like a Rocket from the Crypt record…
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Culture, Summer Guide

Music for Swingers

Individualism is a trait not often encouraged in team sports. Players wear identical uniforms, fight for a common goal, and are inculcated early on with the lesson that there's no "i" in "team." In baseball, it's especially difficult to get…
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Culture, Summer Guide

Taking a Shot for the Team!

Let's face it: Watching this season's Giants is a painful experience for all involved, especially now that the team owns the third-worst record in the National League. To take the edge off, we offer a handy drinking game to get…
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Culture, Summer Guide Half in the Bag in Half Moon Bay

Half in the Bag in Half Moon Bay

Pumpkins. Foggy beaches. Golfing at the Ritz-Carlton. That's pretty much the image that comes to mind when someone mentions Half Moon Bay, right? But for the dedicated boozehound, the stretch of coast between San Francisco and Santa Cruz is a…
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Music, Hear This Kimya Dawson

Kimya Dawson

Barbara Walters admittedly doesn't "get" Kimya Dawson, which is quite possibly the best reason to pay 20 bones to see a songwriter who just a few years ago was commanding a fraction as much at a venue less than a…
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Music, Reviewed Shelby Lynne

Shelby Lynne

Covers albums — especially ones paying homage to a record as canonical as Dusty Springfield's Dusty in Memphis — are tricky to navigate. The new version can't be too similar to the original, or it's obviated. Change it too much,…
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Music, Reviewed Black Francis

Black Francis

Frank Black's solo material has failed to find the mega-audience the Pixies enjoyed, but his last two countrified albums at least demonstrated the songwriter's faculty to move beyond all the screaming and post-punk noise. While that versatility is great and…
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Music, Hear This Hear This

Hear This

A Boston-based gang of indie rockers reveling in '80s hair metal, Bang Camaro comes off like the infernal spawn of the Polyphonic Spree and Def Leppard. Employing a choir of up to 15 lead singers — each armed with a…
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