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News, Special Feature: Resolution Guide Get to know S.F.'s community gardens with SF Refresh

Get to know S.F.'s community gardens with SF Refresh

Urban environments are great places for bars, nightlife, arts, food, and culture. They are also great places for neurosis, stress, and isolation. Why? Because people in cities keep fit-to-bursting work and social calendars that often ignore the daily and seasonal…
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News, Special Feature: Resolution Guide Tastes Real

Tastes Real

It was an unusually cold December morning in San Francisco, the kind of morning that lays thin sheets of ice on parked car windshields, a morning when even the hardiest of wind warriors are bundled up in down. I might…
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News, Special Feature: Resolution Guide

Your Farmers' Market Shopping Guide

ORGANIC OR NOT? Most of the local farmers' markets offer organic and nonorganic produce to reach a variety of farmers and customers. "The question to ask is not if a farmer is organic, but if they spray," apple grower Leyna…
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Culture, Summer Guide Fun Times from Uncle Sugar

Fun Times from Uncle Sugar

Are things looking bad inside the deep, empty recesses of your wallet? Well, lucky you: The IRS has your back. Under the federal stimulus plan, we'll all be getting a little extra cash — up to a whopping $400 each…
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News, Special Feature: Resolution Guide Try It On

Try It On

I never like to buy clothes at full price, but given the current economy I might not buy clothes at all. It's hard to justify buying a new pair of boots when you're not sure you're going to have a…
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Culture, Summer Guide Let the Games Beijing

Let the Games Beijing

It's 2008, and it's summer. That means one thing: Olympics in Beijing! Yes, despite some setbacks for host country China, such as multiple protests against human-rights violations and the catastrophic earthquake, the Summer Olympic Games are slated to begin on…
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Summer Guide, Summer Go Your Own Way

Go Your Own Way

Politics in the '60s had poise as well as noise. When people protested, they protested in style; when they preached peace and love, they did it in their flowing peasant blouses, oversized shades, and Birkenstocks. While it probably wasn't bell-bottoms…
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Summer Guide, Summer

Yes, It's Still the Haight

You may not be able to find Janis herself roaming the Haight these days, but you can find: Solar-Powered Bobble Heads (by Tomy) Where: Giant Robot How much: $16-$18 Camouflage Padded Bra (by Rosa) Where: New York Apparel How much:…
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Calendar, Resolution Guide Get Out of Town, Already

Get Out of Town, Already

If I had a dollar for each time in the past year I heard the words "I need a vacation" from a co-worker or friend, I'd have enough buckaroos to take that cruise, camping trip, or sojourn to South America…
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Calendar, Performance Come Together

Come Together

ONGOING 12/2-18 I get tired of the arts scene in our hard-to-categorize city always being divvied up into neat slots. If you feel the same, prepare your ears and eyes for something a little different, as the innovative theater company…
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Calendar, Performance Clap Your Hands, Say "<i>Ole!</i>"

Clap Your Hands, Say "Ole!"

FRI-SUN 11/25-27 The Bay Area is full of gypsies. Many of us have spent decades wandering between the East Coast and the West, traveling from India to Africa, or simply moving from the Mission to the Sunset to the Haight…
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Calendar, Night&Day Flight of the <i>Brundibar</i>

Flight of the Brundibar

Pepicek and Aninku are down on their luck. The troubled Czech children have a sick mom at home who needs milk, but they haven't a crown to their names. What's worse is that the local organ grinder -- a mean…
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Calendar, Performance Tough Love

Tough Love

FRI-SAT 11/18-19 First crushes are always painful, especially when they involve a literal punch or pigtail-pull from one grade-schooler to another. But for a kid who doesn't fit neatly into "male" or "female," there can be a whole other level…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Rise of the Machines

Rise of the Machines

SAT-SUN 11/12-13 Maybe you grew up, as I did, with brothers brooding behind closed doors, building and manipulating their own mechanical inventions or trying to figure out how to upgrade the motors in their remote-control racecars. Or maybe you were…
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Calendar, Performance The Dance Front

The Dance Front

ONGOING 11/11-20 There's a sense of surrealism to the evening news these days, with massive hurricanes, crippling tsunamis, and fierce explosions in dance clubs and subway stations. In an attempt to address the darker issues of today's world and to…
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Calendar, Sports/Outdoors Alcatraz Razzmatazz

Alcatraz Razzmatazz

SAT-SUN 11/5-6 It was once a grimly celebrated fact that Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary was "inescapable." The swim across the frigid, choppy, mean mile and a half of San Francisco Bay was for decades thought to be impossible. Factor in the…
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Calendar, Performance A Filipino Dorothy

A Filipino Dorothy

ONGOING 11/3-20 The Wizard of Oz meets the dreaded Filipino fiend the aswang: Does this sound weird, even for a high-concept play? Maybe, but Banyan, by Bay Area playwright Jeannie Barroga, now enjoying its world premiere after a three-year workshop…
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Calendar, See/Be Seen World's End

World's End

WED-SAT 10/26-29 Step into the serene Varnish Fine Art, grab a glass of wine, and witness, in close proximity, the end of days according to Frank Garvey, master roboticist and apocalyptic visionary. You'll first notice the paintings in "Children's Crusade,"…
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Calendar, Performance A Cute Couple

A Cute Couple

ONGOING 10/26-11/21 Maybe you've noticed the billboard suggesting Bonnie & Clyde as a Halloween costume idea? On it, the people dressed as the tommy-gun-totin' couple look stylish, fearless, and contemptuous -- in a word, hot. This week, Intersection for the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Digging It

Digging It

Even while surrounded by fault lines and periodically moving ground, many of us in the Bay Area forget about the essential nature of the spinning rock we call home. But when it comes to an awareness of planetary conditions, the…
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