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Joel P. Engardio

News, Bay View Legal Precedent

Legal Precedent

Having just completed Stanford University's renowned law school program, and now preparing full time for next month's rigorous California bar exam, Dylan Vade's total immersion in the law only underscores what he finds lacking about it. As a female-to-male transgendered…
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News, Feature Dim Sum Diva

Dim Sum Diva

There she was, the goddaughter of Quincy Jones, talking scat with the Barbra Streisand of Hong Kong on an all-Mandarin TV interview show hosted by a man known as the Asian Larry King. Come again? You know Patti Austin. She…
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News, Postscript Dying to Know

Dying to Know

From our table at a sidewalk cafe in August 2000, my partner Mark and I took turns pointing out things that made us smile: a young couple pushing a baby stroller, a rambunctious puppy tugging at his leash, an elderly…
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News, Feature Art of the Scare

Art of the Scare

Mrs. Oglesby is one scary-looking substitute teacher. She's got the requisite mean scowl, gray hair pulled into a tight bun, and horn-rimmed glasses. But that's nothing compared to the giant toilet plunger she carries, which can flush the junior high…
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News, Dog Bites

The House That Chuck Built

When an estimated 7,000 people walk through the doors of San Francisco's new $15 million gay and lesbian community center during a weeklong opening gala next week, prominently displayed above the front door will be the name Charles M. Holmes,…
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News, Feature Beyond Bozo

Beyond Bozo

Bozo the Clown packed it in this summer, but for today's working and aspiring clowns, the response was relief rather than sadness. In the heyday of Bozoism decades ago, nearly 200 TV stations across the country broadcast local versions of…
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News, Bay View The Adventures of Capt. GayMan

The Adventures of Capt. GayMan

During the presidential campaign, candidate George W. Bush announced he was a ""Don't Ask, Don't Tell' man," supporting the controversial policy of how to deal with gays in the military. Bush's assertion was a departure from the traditional Republican stance…
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News, Feature Boys' Band

Boys' Band

America's first gay band is looking a little older and less rebellious under the lights in a rare San Francisco performance. Pansy Division hasn't been heard from in a while, other than at the occasional gay pride festival in places…
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News, Feature Out of Africa

Out of Africa

From a window table overlooking the tree-lined stretch of boutiques, bookstores, and cafes near the Stanford University campus, two professors dine on spring rolls and tom yum soup as they ruminate on life and death half a world away. Drs.…
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News, Sidebar Saving Togo

Saving Togo

While virologist Phyllis Kanki fights AIDS in Nigeria with Ivy League research labs and $25 million at her disposal, a 27-year-old graduate student in history at Stanford hopes to start a similar prevention initiative in Togo -- with notably less…
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News, Dog Bites

Dog Bites

Wednesday, May 2 SF Weekly publishes a story headlined "Smoking Gun," about recently uncovered documents showing that tobacco company R.J. Reynolds developed a "subculture urban marketing" campaign targeting San Francisco gays and homeless people. Its name: Project SCUM. Asked how…
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News, Bay View Smoking Gun

Smoking Gun

In its efforts to increase cigarette sales in the mid-1990s, tobacco company R.J. Reynolds hit on a novel bit of niche marketing in San Francisco, according to recently uncovered documents. It created a campaign that focused mainly on two groups…
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News, Bay View <i>Scouts'</i> Honors

Scouts' Honors

From the moment he arrives at San Francisco International Airport until his flight begins to board, 31-year-old Tom Shepard paces the terminal hoping that the low-dose Valium tablets he clutches in his hand will be enough to take the edge…
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News, Bay View

7x7 Magazine Hires Executive Editor

Tom and Heather Hartle, the Detroit couple who created the successful city magazine Hour in Motown and are hoping to set up shop here, promised they had "big news" about a "big name" player who would serve as executive editor…
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News, Feature Magazine Dreams

Magazine Dreams

Standing in the grocery store checkout line, which magazine cover story would compel you to pick up a copy? "New Age Jews: Welcome to the new -- not strictly kosher -- world of Judaism." "20 Best and Worst New Buildings."…
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News, Sidebar

City of Lost Children

Conventional wisdom says out-of-towner Tom Hartle and his Detroit-style city magazine will have a difficult time winning over fickle, neighborhood-centric San Franciscans. But considering the run of failed city mags attempted here by consummate insiders, maybe an outsider could shake…
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News, Bay View Transcendental Incarceration

Transcendental Incarceration

San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey readily admits the aging county jail complex in San Bruno is a "hellhole," but he has an unusual plan to bring order and rehabilitation to the inmates there. As SF Weekly recently reported, prisoners can…
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News, Feature Asking, Telling

Asking, Telling

Aaron Belkin has never held a gun, let alone fired one. The political science instructor has no military experience, but not because he is an openly gay man. Even if he were allowed to join the Army or were drafted,…
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News, Bay View The $32,000 Question

The $32,000 Question

Home viewers didn't get to see Regis Philbin's initial reaction when Stan Flouride, a local eccentric and neighborhood fixture in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury District, won the "fastest fingers" round on ABC's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and made his…
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News, Feature Hard Labor

Hard Labor

San Francisco sheriff Michael Hennessey launches into his best James Cagney imitation as he enters County Jail No. 3, the imposing, Depression-era structure that sits crumbling on a bluff above the hills of San Bruno. "Warden, we're taking this place…
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