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Music, Hear This White Lung: Show Preview

White Lung: Show Preview

Vancouver punk quartet White Lung released its third LP, Deep Fantasy, last month to what the smart money says will be universal acclaim: It's a 23-minute wallop of stridently in-your-face riot-grrrl paranoia, superficially led by Mish Way's declamatory yawp but…
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News, Sucka Free City Drink Up: S.F. Water Customers Are Incentivized to Waste

Drink Up: S.F. Water Customers Are Incentivized to Waste

San Francisco and its denizens exist within a bubble, and that extends beyond the realm of strained allegories regarding $4 toast. This city remains verdant while the rest of the state is drying up. Pretty soon, all the toast may…
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Music, Hear This The Pack A.D.: Show Preview

The Pack A.D.: Show Preview

While they haven't achieved the same level of mainstream recognition as fellow Vancouver rock duo Japandroids, snarling garage-punk tandem the Pack A.D. may soon graduate from its longtime status as underground favorites. Guitarist/singer Becky Black and drummer Maya Miller first…
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Music, Hear This Japandroids: Show Preview

Japandroids: Show Preview

How much noise can two people make? Don't answer until you've seen Japandroids, a Vancouver rock duo whose joyous, room-filling fury seems far too large to come from simply a guitar and drums. And it's not mere racket: There's a…
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Music, Hear This Japandroids: Show Preview

Japandroids: Show Preview

In light of its title, Japandroids' new Celebration Rock bookends its eight tracks with the perfect sound effect: the pop of fireworks. The second album from the Vancouver duo is a legit contender for record of the year based on…
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Music, Hear This Yukon Blonde: Show Preview

Yukon Blonde: Show Preview

If you have any plans to spend your summer in the placid wilderness, Yukon Blonde is essential for your trip playlist. The Vancouver four-piece started life in 2005 as Alphababy ("the worst name of all time," according to guitarist/vocalist Jeff…
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Music, Hear This Nu Sensae: Show Preview

Nu Sensae: Show Preview

Vancouver outfit Nü Sensae's headlining show this week is as significant for the band's sure-to-be incendiary performance as for the impeccably selected array of local openers. This will be the first tour date in support of Nü Sensae's latest EP,…
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Culture, The Exhibitionist Road Trip: Checking Out Street Fashion in the Pacific Northwest

Road Trip: Checking Out Street Fashion in the Pacific Northwest

Every week, I photograph dozens of San Franciscans who take their own approach to style. I'm not prowling for a particular aesthetic, just on the lookout for individuals who are expressing themselves through fashion. However, I routinely get a similar…
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News, Sucka Free City See Jane Kim Run -- to the Right

See Jane Kim Run -- to the Right

The Tenderloin may someday be gentrified, but for now the TL has the city's highest concentration of intravenous drug users. It's probable that most of the 12,000 to 15,000 people in San Francisco suffering from hepatitis C — a liver-destroying…
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Music, All Shook Down Tomorrow Night at the Roxie: Vancouver Punk, Global Profanity

Tomorrow Night at the Roxie: Vancouver Punk, Global Profanity

If you've ever doubted the punk-rock pedigree of our neighbors to the north, ask yourself this: could just anybody make it work going by the name Joey Shithead? Tomorrow night the Roxie Theater, in conjunction with Indiefest, presents Bloodied but…
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Calendar, Night&Day Rock 'Bots

Rock 'Bots

Some bands kick up so much racket, you feel like your hair is being whipped by a gale-force wind. Vancouver's Japandroids, a guitar-drums duo going strong after a couple of tentative EP releases, manages that sensation both figuratively and literally.…
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Calendar, Night&Day Asia Express

Asia Express

Neorealism never went out of style; it just keeps gravitating from country to developing country. The latest stop is Kashmir, in which a cunning teenager and a woman educated at an American university chafe at their limited freedom and opportunities…
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Music, Hear This Japandroids


Shouty and overblown, Vancouver guitar-drums duo Japandroids plows through some wicked garage-punk anthems on its breakthrough album, Post-Nothing. The record has been hyped since its spring release on Canadian label Unfamiliar, and is about to be offered up to the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Radio Rahaim

Radio Rahaim

As something of an expert in Gwalior gayaki, traditional Hindustani singing, Matthew Rahaim is well-traveled, having performed it in New York, Vancouver, Gujarat, and Connecticut. Plus, he says, "My research interests include the melody of gesture, the history of the…
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Calendar, Night&Day Way Above Average

Way Above Average

Vancouver-based guitar and vocals twosome Mecca Normal has always had a political bent. Sure, the band serves up smartly written songs and obstreperous guitar rock, but its lyrics and visuals reveal a fair amount of conscious advocacy, alongside a feminist…
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Music, BeatBox Sweatshop Funk

Sweatshop Funk

Canadian hip-hop has yet to hit big in the U.S., but Vancouver's Sweatshop Union has a strong shot at appealing to fans of such West Coast favorites as Lyrics Born and Dilated Peoples. The group recently released its fourth album,…
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Music, BeatBox

Eat to the Beat at Pan Ambient Brunch

Ambient is the softcore wing of electronic dance culture. It offers slow-building titillation, concerned not so much with climaxing as with getting revelers flushed from the abrupt tangents of free jazz and minimalism's paced drifts. For those into the music's…
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Music, Black Mountain's Psychedelic Sprawl Needs a Roadmap

Black Mountain's Psychedelic Sprawl Needs a Roadmap

Vancouver's Black Mountain drew from a deep well of psychedelic-rock firewater when recording its self-titled debut, which was released in 2005. The group offered a rush of heavy, ethereal jams that bled Sabbath distortion into vintage '60s and '70s grooves.…
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Dining, Eat Loca-voracious


Ever contrary to certain kinds of politically correct food trendiness, I've already declared my somewhat cranky response to those who want to restrict their diet to foodstuffs sourced within 100 miles of where they live. I'm not going to give…
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Calendar, Night&Day Lock and Load

Lock and Load

It's not hard to find aesthetic similarities between Vancouver sextet They Shoot Horses Don't They? and the 1969 Jane Fonda vehicle of the same name. The film centers on Fonda and fellow townspeople desperately trying to win the cash prize…
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