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Calendar, Night&Day tap in, tap out, just tap

tap in, tap out, just tap

The art of tap dance plays with time, and the making and breaking of silence with the harsh clack of a tap shoe — a percussive instrument that becomes an extension of the human body. Since 2003, the Bay…
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Calendar, Night&Day Veteran Writers

Veteran Writers

Sean Mclain Brown enlisted in the Marine Corps at just 17 years old, and soon found himself engaged in combat during the Gulf War. Injured and sequestered in an army hospital, he struggled with his experiences in Iraq. He found…
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News, Sucka Free City

Overheard in S.F.: Woman Demands Street Preacher Stop Damning Sailors

Ranters: Megaphone Preacher Man, Miniskirt Woman, and a sailor Time: 10 p.m. on a Fleet Week Friday Location: Columbus & Broadway Topics Covered: How long strip clubs stain the soul; the rights secured us by our military; how it's noble…
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News, Letters

SF Weekly Letters

Going Buggy Article helps defuse food fear: Congratulations to Peter Jamison — he did the best job yet of capturing the issues of eating insects in an easily digestible and informative article about this future food ["Woman Bites Scorpion," Peter…
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Dining, Eat Leatherneck Steakhouse: Veterans' Club Serves Classic American Fare

Leatherneck Steakhouse: Veterans' Club Serves Classic American Fare

To get to Leatherneck Steakhouse, which the Marines' Memorial Club barely advertises on its sign, you pass through a lobby decorated with glass cases of military uniforms, pack into one of the tiny elevators, and step out into a world…
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Calendar, Night&Day Love Underground

Love Underground

Don’t ask, don’t tell. It’s a modern-day policy (albeit rescinded) that fits the modern-day acknowledgment that queer people do, in fact, serve in the military. For decades it was flat-out denied — and punishable by immediate discharge — but only…
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News, Matt Smith

Hot! Horny! Wasted! Teens!

I have seen the future, and she is a tripping, horny teen. The vision arrived last Monday, which happened to be around the same time Village Voice Media, the chain of 15 weekly newspapers that includes SF Weekly, announced companywide…
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Film, Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds

Nick Broomfield, known for his unseemly documentary portraits of Aileen Wuornos, Heidi Fleiss, and Courtney Love, brings a surprising dose of compassion to his third dramatic feature, an engaging Iraqudrama that straddles the line between blistering exposé and Spielbergian heart-tugger.…
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Home Entertainment, Game On Call of Duty 4 Kicks Ass Too Close To Home

Call of Duty 4 Kicks Ass Too Close To Home

The unsettling tone is established early in Call of Duty 4, when the president of a Middle Eastern nation is publicly executed on the world stage, and you, the player, experience the deposed leader's final minutes through his own eyes,…
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News, Feature An Army of Uno

An Army of Uno

Angel Gomez got the call nearly a year before his high school graduation. A United States Marine Corps recruiter wanted to see him. It was the fall of 2002, and Angel was hoping to go to college, but he agreed…
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News, Sucka Free City

Singin' in Pain

So the district attorney finally charged two teenage toughs for the alleged beating they and their sissy-phobic pals dished out to the Yale a cappella group, the Baker's Dozen, on New Year's Eve. Prosecutors are calling it "a group attack…
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Film, Killing Time

Killing Time

If Jarhead, director Sam Mendes and writer William Broyles Jr.'s adaptation of Bay Area writer Anthony Swofford's 2003 Gulf War memoir, seems at all familiar -- like, say, a DJ's mash-up of Full Metal Jacket and Three Kings -- there's…
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Culture, Stuff The Gulf Between

The Gulf Between

A few things learned from the memoirs of Marines who served in Gulf War I: They're more terrified of being killed by friendly fire than enemy artillery; they're bored brainless most of the time; they harbor fantasies of being shot,…
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News, Bay View Nervous in the Service

Nervous in the Service

The wiry young man in the gray warm-up pants and faded T-shirt lowers his voice each time a passer-by gets too close. He's explaining why he's AWOL from the United States Marine Corps during wartime, and he's not exactly eager…
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Dining, The Mix

The Mix

The global celebrity of the "World Famous" Overflo isn't apparent at first glance. It's announced on the side of the building, but inside, the place looks like any old bar: a pool table, dim lighting, and a crowd of about…
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News, South to the Future

South to the Future

November 17, 1999 WASHINGTON -- A high-tech, heavily armed force descends on a small city in the Pacific Northwest. Its mission: to clean up a chemical spill at an energy research lab. But these are no weekend eco-warriors, they're Marines.…
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