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News, The Snatch

The Snatch: Rounding Up the Herd

The Law Is My Shepherd A herd of goats commissioned to graze on a San Francisco hillside Friday walked off the job and were found roaming the streets of the Bayview. The goats, who work for City Grazing, were chomping…
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Calendar, Night&Day New View for the Bayview

New View for the Bayview

Bayview-Hunters Point is rarely equated with environmental activism. The district is more commonly known for the decommissioned U.S. Navy shipyard that left behind enough pollutants to qualify it as one of the largest EPA Superfund sites in California. The area’s…
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News, Matt Smith Rec and Parks chief Jared Blumenfeld dumps his boat to work on green issues

Rec and Parks chief Jared Blumenfeld dumps his boat to work on green issues

During the past year, former San Francisco Recreation and Parks chief Jared Blumenfeld has enjoyed the best of times: In January, he was appointed EPA administrator for Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and the Pacific Islands. And he has suffered the…
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News, Matt Smith

Pollution Absolution

Leave it to the Vatican to place itself on the wrong side of yet another great moral divide. In 1517 Pope Leo X offered indulgences in exchange for donations to rebuild St. Peter's Basilica. This July, the Holy See announced…
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News, The Apologist

Global Warning

Last Thursday, more than 5,000 scientists packed two ballrooms of the San Francisco Marriott Hotel to hear former Vice President Al Gore's keynote speech at the American Geophysical Union's fall meeting, the world's largest scientific gathering. In an impassioned address…
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News, Feature Bioscience Warfare

Bioscience Warfare

Professor Tyrone B. Hayes watches as one of his students leans over a table covered with small plastic cups, each containing a few ounces of water and a single African reed frog. The short, trim professor hovers, carefully checking the…
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News, Bay View Hot Story

Hot Story

With little fanfare, U.S. Navy officials in charge of cleaning up the Hunters Point Shipyard acknowledged last week that Navy personnel had burned large amounts of fuel contaminated with radioactive material in the shipyard's boilers 56 years ago. In its…
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News, Sidebar

Burning Mad

Jesse Mason stands on a steep hill near Hunters Point Shipyard and looks out across the south end of the property. The view is spectacular, and on a day like this, with near-perfect weather, you can see little flashes of…
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News, Bay View Massing Gas

Massing Gas

State and local officials fear that methane gas produced in a landfill on the former Hunters Point Shipyard may travel into nearby neighborhoods, and have asked the U.S. Navy to test the site immediately to determine whether remedial action is…
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News, Feature Fallout


John Gessleman spent his post-adolescent years as a gunner's mate in the United States Navy. Between 1955 and 1959, he was stationed on the USS Cahokia, a tug that shipped out of San Francisco Naval Shipyard at Hunters Point.…
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News, Feature Fallout


For a long time now, San Francisco's leaders have dreamed of a new development along the city's waterfront, a 500-acre community where citizens promenade along San Francisco Bay, artists display their talents in a variety of new cultural institutions, and…
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News, Sidebar Chlorine, Benzene, Vinyl Chloride, Trichloroethylene, Beryllium, Nickel, PCBs ...

Chlorine, Benzene, Vinyl Chloride, Trichloroethylene, Beryllium, Nickel, PCBs ...

Last month, environmental contractors working for the U.S. Navy at Hunters Point Shipyard spilled 1,200 gallons of potassium permanganate, a chemical that can be fatal to aquatic life, into San Francisco Bay. Workers were pumping the substance into the soil,…
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News, Bay View Shaky Ground

Shaky Ground

On a chilly Tuesday morning in early December, more than a dozen angry residents of the Midway Village public housing project in Daly City grabbed picket signs and turned out to protest the installation of a large drainage pipe near…
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News, Feature Political Economy

Political Economy

THERE IS A TREELESS BEDROOM community straddling the southern edge of the city of Sacramento that is a quiet testament to the will of land developers. That several thousand homes exist in North Laguna Creek today is a minor miracle.…
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News, Feature

Dirty Dealings at the Dock

Last fall, International Technologies Corp., a U.S. Navy contractor, was pounding metal sheets straight down into the lip of a landfill on the southwestern corner of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The metal walls were meant to be a temporary…
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The Sky's the Limit

In the third week of July, the Pacific Exchange held a commodity auction, both here and in Los Angeles, like no other in the world. Four million units changed hands, at an average price of 80 cents each, generating $3.2…
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