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Dining, Eat

The Tonga Room: The More It Changes, The More It Stays the Same

Before you read this, ask yourself, "How much do I want the Tonga Room to change?" If the answer is "A lot," you're going to be disappointed. You're also a joyless buzzkill. The tiki palace that looks like David Lynch's…
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Music, Bouncer


The best show on TV isn't Desperate Housewives or Lost. Nope, the best show on TV -- which also happens to have the worst name -- is ABC's Wife Swap. The premise is two American families switch moms (or sometimes…
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Best of San Francisco, Arts & Entertainment

Best Tropical Phantasmagoria

The Tonga Room is one of the last remnants of that giddy era when umbrellas sprouted from every coconut, Trader Vic ruled the cosmos, and ukuleles could be heard from North Beach to the Richmond. The crucial element that separates…
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Best of San Francisco, Food & Drink

Best Kitsch Cocktail Hour

When early summer's fog and wind get you down -- or even when they don't -- step into the tacky tropical Tonga Room for an instant dose of vacation spirit. It's plastic Polynesia for sure, but surrounded by tikis, tourists,…
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Dining, Eat

Treasure Island

On any given evening there are several perfectly viable reasons for abandoning the two-burner kitchenette, visiting the ATM, and going out to dinner. In the first place, there's the whole concept of someone other than you waiting in the checkout…
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Dining, The Man Who Came to Dinner

The Man Who Came to Dinner

Ah, the American dream. Here at the turn of the millennium, our collective goal of a chicken in every pot and a white picket fence has evolved into pre-IPO options and a comparatively less corrupt lawyer. It seems nine out…
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Night Crawler

For one Wednesday each month, the Chameleon serves as a pseudo-tropical haven for whacked-out city dwellers afflicted with a hapless passion for garish Hawaiian shirts, surf guitar, and the limbo. As usual, Otto von Stroheim, the editor of Tiki News,…
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